Appearing offline

then what good is APPEAR OFFLINE?

they should just remove it if its not going to do what it should

The appear offline is for battle net friends, it wasn’t made in mind in terms of in-game like WoW. The whole battle net thing is mainly keeping in touch with friends who are in a given game, like Overwatch, WoW, etc. to talk to them without having to log in if they’re playing another game.


then its useless in this case
I will deal with this my own self I guess since its obvious Blizz does not have my back on this

instead, they want me to constantly have to report someone over and over every time they make a new account, new name etc…

the person I am talking about has MAX number or wow license on EVERY account (Battle net accounts)

So lets say for example:
8 wow license per battle net account x 10 battle net accounts …

hmmmmmm 80 different /ignores

Except that they do. If you’ve been harassed, you haven’t put in any tickets for it according to Orlyia.

It’s hard for them to have your back if they don’t know about the situation.

Blizzard gives us the tools to block people on our own and to report those who try to bypass it. If you choose to take things into your own hands, be sure not to violate any rules yourself.


I HAVE opened tickets, in fact, have had for days now…
They do know about it.
how the heck do you expect to do the /ignore with someone like what I mentioned?

not to mention he is always adding new battle net accounts so how am I supposed to get ahead of this crap

But you need to use the ongoing harassment option, as noted in the blue post.


You have opened questions about the way the system works, Electraz.

I’m not seeing any harassment complaints on characters on this account.

If you put them on /ignore - and they bypass that - that’s when you put in a harassment ticket.



why is this so dang hard

Then keep putting them on ignore and put in the right ticket they wont stop untill u do otherwise.


seems to me Blizz would know by now how to make it so someone could go TOTALLY INVISIBLE to someone

OK, but they don’t, for whatever reasons that are known only to them. The system works the way it works because that’s how they want it to work.

You’ve been given your answer(s) multiple times. By staff even.


answers by definition SOLVE issues…
no one has done that

That’s preposterous. Answers by definition don’t necessarily solve a problem.

What you want is an unavailable solution, my friend. None is available, and the answers being given aren’t what you want to hear. And that’s acceptable, to be honest. You can’t always get what you want.

An answer might be contrary to your desires. Anywhere in life.


Well the good news is you can take Orlyia’s advice and avail yourself to using the ignore feature.

She’s already told you more then once to report the harassers if they contact you on another toon thus circumventing the ignore feature. It’s not that hard.


Did you see ANYTHING I said about MULTIPLE battle net accounts with max Wow License on each?

Yes, we’ve all seen everything that was said in this thread. It doesn’t seem that you have, though. Unfortunately.

Your answers have been given multiple times. An appropriate response might have been, “thanks, I’ll do that.” But, well… we didn’t go that way, did we?

And with that, I’ve gone in a circle. Not going around again.

Good luck, OP.


Use the Badboy levels addon to set custom whisper filters.

There’s also the extended ignore list addon, though that will not help you in pre-empting them it will increase your available ignore list.

Did you know there is no limit on reporting them each time ? Simply report them and blizzard will take care of the rest.

At this point you’re more or less fussing like sow with a belly ache over something so trivial.


Blizzard can see those multiple account if you took the time to open a ongoing harrassment ticket instead of arguing this would get resolved alot faster.


What does then having multiple accounts change?

It sounds more like an excuse for you not to put them in ignore.