App Support For 32-bit Android Systems to End Soon

With a patch after the Eternity’s End content update, we will no longer support the operation of the WoW Companion App on 32-bit Android operating systems.

If you’re uncertain whether or not this applies to you, the Eternity’s End content update for the WoW Companion App will include an in-app notification for 32-bit Android users. Again, our support for these older Android operating systems will cease with a patch after the Eternity’s End content update.

Thank you.


The Jailer’s really into Forced Upgrades, huh?


If your phone is from 2015 or earlier you should have replaced it a long time ago

Apple/Google even prevents people from using their app stores because of how outdated they are and compatibility issues


“I will remake reality and also the mobile market”


What if you… jailerbreak your phone?


Jailbreaking can’t turn a 32 bit device into a 64 bit device, that’s just not how it works


Bless your heart.


It can if you remake all of reality.


Honestly, with how complex the mission table has become the companion app is borderline useless for all device types. Like, I need 2 addons to help me determine whether or not a mission will be successful. I cannot just look at the stats of my troops and figure out whether or not they will win.

While I do appreciate that the mission table is more complex and requires more thought, you all have made it difficult to the point that I need addons to actually figure things out for me thereby effectively defeating your original purpose in making the mission table more complex.

I honestly do not remember the last time I even bothered to login to the companion app.


Careful, your privilege is showing.


That’s not privilege, that’s just a bad idea to not upgrade for that long. The level of vulnerability you are at with a phone that is that outdated if you use it for any sort of banking, stock trading, etc. is scary. If you’re just using it for random web browsing and youtube, then sure, what does it matter I guess.


Several People in this news announcement tragically don’t understand how jokes work.


Legion was the last time I used the app with frequency and really because I had made the followers so overpowered at 950 ilvl with full argus epics that lining up teams on the app was just braindead. Although I did use alot for the patches before 7.3 it was just 1-3 characters and mission completes usually didn’t happen until I got home from work/school anyways. Didn’t really care to use it in bfa because well it was bfa. And as you said, doing it now is just foolhardy cause the battle system is just too much.

I will say, having WoD being added to the app with 9.1.5, along with all the other refinements of the app, things are pretty smooth. So I wouldn’t want anything removed. Maybe at most add the farm from MoP (knowingly going into farmville territory), and make the battle/table system in 10.0 more approachable.

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Just give us back the ah like we had on the armory app. It would get used so much more and people would actually care about this post.


They didn’t state that. But had posted JAILERBREAK, and was what is known as a pun.


If the jailer’s power lets you re-fabricate computer chips with your mind, I’m not sure just bumping android phones out of the 2000s is the best call

Ahh spreading misinformation again, some things never change.

This is not true as I have an old Experia TX from 2012 and google store works fine on it, I use it for my blizzard authenticator, it works and updates just fine.


Don’t you guys have 64-bit phones?

I would agree with the sentiment that it would probably be high time to upgrade if you do not.


I have a Mororola Microtac.