App Support For 32-bit Android Systems to End Soon

Well I’ll be darned, a phone from before I was born.


I had a 32 bit phone, as far as I know? It was a tracphone from about 13 years ago (ZTE or something.)

This is with Net10. Then they kept spamming me about having to upgrade to a “VOLTE” capable phone or something.

So I looked at the page they had; they gave me a Samsung A12 for free (“valued” at $199 or something.) Seems like a pretty spiffy “modern” phone to me. It was brand new and came by USP in about 2 days.

System chip: Mediatek Helio P35 MT6765 (12 nm)
Processor: Octa-core, 4x 2.3GHz Cortex-A53 + 4x 1.8GHz Cortex-A53, 64-bit
GPU: PowerVR GE8320
Internal storage: 64GB (eMMC 5.1), available to use: 48.2 GB

Mine is just 32 GB internal storage, though, which is plenty for me. I think it is also just 3 gig of ram, or just shows 3 gig as “free?”
I think this is December 2020, so year old.

Compared to my old ZTE thing, the battery life on this one lasts forever.

I know it isn’t the “best phone”, but I mainly use a phone as a “phone.” :wink: So to me it seems fantastic! The Wow App runs great on it.

I had not used the Wow App for some time, was surprised to see it covers ALL the expansions now (so I could run “a good dust up” for marks of honor, from the Legion table :wink: )

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i know people that still use flip phones.


what exactly is wrong with flip phones?

Considering that you’re probably not doing any banking, stock trading, purchasing, etc, on it, and instead just using it as a phone and text device, I’d imagine that it’s actually fairly secure.

So there’s less wrong with a flip phone than an 8 year old smartphone.

Except what google does is just hides anything your phone can’t run. So while it’s true you can still use the play store the vast majority of apps do not show and won’t update. Blizzard decided to keep updating their app with support for your out of date system. Many devs simply stop and you can’t get updates. If the app requires security updates it stops working. Google also stops giving security updates to phones after a few years. Again some things will work and a lot of the new stuff is hidden so you don’t realize how much you don’t have access to but yeah you can claim it works still. People have cars from 1920, they still work but only value is collectors value, the amount of missing improvements over the last 100 years don’t make they particularly good options for the every day commute.

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If I’m looking at the right thing it looks like I’m on 32 bit

:skull: Luckily I don’t care about the companion app :laughing: The authenticator stops working and it looks like I’m hosed.

I mean, a phone’s a phone, bro.

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It is interesting that people upgrade their phones frequently. I got my current phone in 2018 and I’m going to keep it until it blows up lol. If Blizz ever makes the authenticator not work with 32 bit then I guess I won’t play wow anymore because I’m not upgrading just for that.


I don’t see anywhere there that specifies that your phone is 32-bit. In fact, if it’s true that you got it in 2018 I would surprised if it’s 32-bit because the first 64-bit iPhone shipped in 2013 (iPhone 5S) and most Android manufacturers followed that lead within 1-2 years.

If you don’t mind my asking, what model is it?

I got this phone less than a year ago but got the warning from the app when I logged in. It is a basic att 4G android phone. Idk what I am supposed to do. Can’t afford another.

My Samsung A10 was made in 2019. I’ve had it for 2.5 years; it’s been on the market for barely 3.

Other than the camera being crappy it has literally no problems, and I could see myself using it for a few more years before I retire it. I’m not saying it’s a phenomenal phone, but it’s hardly what I would consider old or outdated.

Why? My 32-bit Samsung phone was purchased 2.5 years ago and was released only three years ago. Not all of us drop our phones in the toilet each year and get new ones.

which phone do you have?

Edit: I see your post above. You’ve gipped yourself by buying a low-end 64-bit hardware that didn’t cut the minimum requirements to run 64-but software so it uses 32-bit instead. Was already considered laggy and outdated by most peoples standard by 2020. Don’t take my word for it, check any phone review for it.

There’s no need to be racist about it.

The phone works just fine as a phone, browser, and for some games. My point is that brand new phones were being sold as little as three years ago, and not everyone seeks out $1000 hardware and replaces it every two years.

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You needn’t have spent $1000 could have spent half of it or less, just made a bad decision is all. Could get a second hand one if times be tight.


I would say the blame is on Samsung here for selling a 32-bit phone in 2019. Even if it’s a low-end model, there’s no excuse for them to be that cheap. 64-bit phone CPUs are 2013 technology, I’m sure they could’ve afforded to put a 2013 or 2014 CPU in it.

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Just to provide extra info. I have a friend that has been using an iphone 5 (last 32 bit iphone) since 2013. They have at&t, they were getting repeated messages from the isp that they were going to get kicked off the network because of the upgrade requiring 3g spectrum to be repurposed. I think this was January/early February. They even got a free Xr sent to them which they refused to switch over to until the deadline happened and then I had to help them move everything over.

People just need to accept that stuff evolves and for the past few years the writing has been on the wall for 32 bit. It’s not worth the effort anymore to maintain/patch 32 bit to be on par with 64 bit. And in fact hamstrings what devs can do cause they have to design around lowest common denominator hardware restrictions. Now does this mean they should have performance considerations rated only for the newest flagship made each year (it being 100% and everything falling below)? No.

i use a method called “click and hope”.

The tech industry is really helping to fill landfills with e-waste as backwards compatibly seems to be a swear word. Not everyone has the disposable income to buy a new phone every time there’s some new update nor do new phones plug the human element in data security. It is what it is.

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