I’ve seen same problem reported but I can not find response or solution for the problem.

WowT (Public Test) on start show api-ms-win-core-com-l1-1-0.dll error and this is sent to blizzard at least twice (just dialog to send in crash report)


Personally, I believe this is not tested on Windows 7 and you are trying to call something not existing on Windows 7 machine. This is not big deal for test, but would be nice at least to confirm that minimum requirement for Drangonflight is correct (Windows 7) and you are working on this. I would not buy Dragonflight if there were not specified Windows 7 support.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe something else is problem but until there is no response this is my guessing. Mentioned file (api-ms-win-core-com-l1-1-0.dll) do not exists on mine Windows 7 SP1 machine.

Thank you in advance

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Fair point about it not being tested, but there’s no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10.

I get you may not have wanted to go to Windows 8 (and no one would blame you), but you can skip to 10 now and it won’t hurt your system to do it, and will likely improve your experience overall.

Upgrading to 10 might also fix this issue for you, as it resets certain parts of the OS, including many DLL files.

Reason why I do not want to upgrade this machine is out of scope and testing realm is just to discover bugs I believe. That for, this is not really productive to discuss windows version and Microsoft business strategy here. This is very simple

Minimum required OS is Windows 7
This is not working on Windows 7

Should not be big deal to discover who/where/what is calling wrong dll and to fix it, from mine point of view lack of communication is only one small problem, simply “we are aware of this problem and this is addressed” would be enough.


Doubt it.

I had an old lap that was designed for Windows XP and I was able to force it to run Windows 7.

A Win 7 PC should be able to run 10 pretty easily, as long as you have enough disk space.

Again though, I get why you are reporting it. I’m sure you’re not the only one still running 7 and encountering this bug.

I am sorry if this was not clear when I said “this machine is out of scope”. I am really sorry, English is not my first languague but the point is

This machine is not dedicated for gaming, gaming and gaming only, I do not want to have machine and room dedicated for gaming only.

You may or may not doubt. I know what my hardware can do. I am programmer. I have vmWare server with more than dozen linux distributions and 6 windows machine (2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, win 8 and win 11). You are not entitled to decide what for is my physical machine. I am in IT industry since 1992. I also can understand that you may want to help but you are not helping, believe me, new OS is not better OS, I can argue about this next year. Your laptop is not relevant to my working environment (I can understand that your example is maybe relevant to some users but this is not relevant to root cause)

My bare metal win7 is machine able to open any of virtual machine and have enough good hardware to play game, so, I do not want to modify my environment for game, again, check minimal requirements, this is important !

For better understanding, I’ve bough best Generation 6 on market (here) CPU few years ago and avoid better one Generation 7 (same price) because of lack of support of G6 after Windows 7 (yeah, I want to work on Windows 7). Do not assume everyone have computers for gaming … only please, some people also need this for work, and I am not planing to buy new one just to play wow (honestly, already got tired of grinding for 10+ years)

Do not misunderstand me please, I do not want to be rude but this response is not helping. I know how to install operating system, I don’t need help to install any version of windows, linux, dude, I was working in DOS and was Novel Sysadmin before 70% of players here were born. I just want to report bug and I want this to be working on mine windows 7 machine as this is declared as minimal required OS in a moment when I bough expansion.

The point is
Minimal requirement is Windows 7
This is NOT working on Windows 7

I know where to find
vs 2022 can install this to

c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\NuGetPackages\Microsoft.NETCore.Windows.ApiSets-x64\1.0.0\runtimes\win7-x64\native\


c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\NuGetPackages\Microsoft.NETCore.Windows.ApiSets-x86\1.0.0\runtimes\win7-x86\native\

What about next error ? This will find miss dll

Yeah, I can find next one, but many users who like me read minimal requirement “Windows 7” may have same problem.

This is directly related to compilation and testing quality.

I am sorry because I have open thread here, this is my first post for DEV version and recently have seen DEV forum but in only one related thread there I can not post and this is probably nonproductive to repeat same problem there.

I just hope some sober person from Blizzard will see this post and address this issue.

The point of post is to report issue, anyone who can suggest workaround for Windows 7 is welcome to help, but if your recommendation is to buy fancy mouse, gaming chair, reinstall OS or buy MAC … please do not help me.

For anyone who understand tech side of problem, this is really weird and little confusing.

On my Windows 7 SP1 machine there are many
api-ms-win-core*.dll with timestamp March 1 2020
there is NOT mentioned
api-ms-won-core-com-l1-1-0.dll in folder

On VS 2022 installation situation is confusing (this is installed on Windows 11 VM because this is not compatible with Windows 7 machine)

There are 122 files in folders

c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\NuGetPackages\Microsoft.NETCore.Windows.ApiSets-x64\1.0.0\runtimes\win7-x64\native\

for example, but all of them are compiled in year 2015 that seems.

Files in my win7 system32 folder with timestamp year 2020 have version 6.x.x.x
Files in my folder on win11 machine with timestamp year 2015 have version 10.x.x.x

My only guessing is that some better installation have installed api* files on my machine and touch all of them but this is still confusing because of microsoft description for “ApiSet Stub DLL” (check nuget if you are IT)


I didn’t, but you clearly stated you are trying to play WoW on this computer so you clearly are doing some gaming on it.

WoW is being upgraded constantly, and the “minimum requirements” are always being moved forward, based on the newest technologies available. As someone who has been in the IT industry since 1992, you know that.

So here’s my suggestion: If you cannot upgrade because of your work needs, then get a second computer for your gaming. Eventually, your ability to game on that computer will stall out and you’ll not have a choice. Bite the bullet now and upgrade. Considering the requirements for Dragonflight, you’d be better off just getting something new and having it in place before the expansion launch.

You can take that from someone that has been in the IT industry since 1992 as well.

Nice flex, BTW.

Good luck in your gaming.

I won’t return, regardless of your response.

Only one viable solution for me would be to change boot drive to another disk and install another OS (I do not need this win7 in this moment but I need to keep this untouched, do not need to go into details, installed software, registered software and many registry tweaks to made all of that working) but still … I believe this is just some programmer mistake and Blizzard want to fix it.

I did not has time to investigate details but looks like this is early Microsoft intent to made cross platform calls and last their compilation is made around year 2016-2017, so, as wow is not intended to run on mobile phone or tablet … this is probably worth to be fixed in few lib or method made since Shadowland.


I agree with your point. My Win 7 system is primarily a home recording studio setup. If I upgrade the OS, my $400 audio interface will no longer work because the company stopped writing drivers for it. So I would need to spend lots of money on a new interface, or even more money on a new computer (just to play WoW DragonFlight). I think not.


So is this an issue of windows 7 not being compatible with WoW anymore?

Yes, correct, tested it on my PC as well. wow now is not compatible with windows 7 anymore.

I am giving up. Latest update 2 days ago again ruin graphic. When I’ve bough this expansion requirement was win7, now need to buy new pc just for grinding game ? This thing with boss in dugeon made complete floor dark, and this is after latest update. Luckily, my game time will expire today so, at least won’t pay something that I can not use.

Have fun guys, but I am not expecting wow to survive this kind of “improvements” for long time.