[A]<Phoenix> is looking for more!

Baine Bloodhoof’s spirit isn’t the only thing to take a beating from Shadowlands, but unlike Baine, we’re not content to sit around moping in Oribos! We’re looking for people who still enjoy the game to join us for general knocking about, mythics, raiding, the occasional fishing contest, whatever! All are welcome, whether you want to join the raid team or just want some good people to hang around with.

Raid times are Wed./Thurs. 8-10 server time. We’re currently 4/10 Heroic and hoping for AOTC but we could use some more people to help get us there. Specific needs are for some more dps and people who can spot tank or heal. We’d also like to see more people running M+, but it’s not a requirement. Ultimately we want you to play what you enjoy.

If we sound like a fit, look me up in-game (that’s [Alt+0220} for the Ü) or reach out through bnet: BattleOoze#1158234. Thanks!

sign me up! bump

I am interested and i’ve added you on B-Net.

Gotcha, let’s chat!