AP quest are useless after you cap your hearth of azeroth

My 56,235+ oil would disagree with you

I don’t know what that has to do with anything. :roll_eyes:

How many times do I have to reiterate?

The system does exist to replace a reward for another.

You’re going off on tangents that have nothing to do with anything, arguing for the sake of arguing. I’m done.


The ONE other AP system only rewarded gold at the END. You’re the one going off on a tangent stating that UNRELATED currencies SOMETIMES change into something else.

Edit: The reason Blizzard doesn’t do this right now. They don’t want the 1% who cap, to earn double rewards. What happens when you get a Paragon Chest? Gold… and more Gold?

They allowed us to turn AP into gold twice. Once around the middle of the expansion and again at the end.

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So to recap:

HoA v2.0 still lacks forethought of what would happen when players hit the soft cap.

In other news: NEs hijacked the thread to argue currencies. Settle it with a duel instead!

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How about anything other than nothing? War Resources and Titan Residuum are two possible options besides gold.

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Have you thought that maybe, if you’ve reached lvl 70 neck, you’ve played too much? They’re not going to design content for the 1%. A lot of my Mythic Raider buddies aren’t even lvl 65 neck.

Probably soon they’ll roll out a gold amount for the people who are capped. They have done before…Not sure why they’d be worried about ppl earning too much gold from vendoring them…

I’d rather get nothing than war resources. 55k and counting…


Less reason to do WQs. Which is a GOOD thing.

I’ll bite one last time.

As was stated, it wasn’t just at the end. So that’s also incorrect.

No… I said that AP in Legion used to reward gold. And it did. Twice. Not just at the end.

And when you cap XP you earn gold for quests instead.

They’re both the same thing: character advancement. Not some random currency. There was no tangent except you bringing up the currency tab and oil. Which has zero to do with AP and XP.

Or something else. Like Titan residuum. And who says they need to give a ton of gold for it? I never got that much gold from AP tokens or quests after XP cap.

And once again… I was replying to someone who stated that points collection like AP didn’t get you anything new. Which was false. Because it did once upon a time. When or how was irrelevant to the basic point that it did once give you something else. You’re the one that started arguing nuances that were never brought up.

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Also, Artifact Knowledge is going to keep going until October 1st, so most people are going to end up with level 70 necks by then. Patch 8.3 isn’t even on the PTR, and won’t be until after Blizzcon, so that means AP is going to be useless for a lot of people for a fairly long time.

This should have been something they added from the get-go.

Good thing. The grind is terribly boring.

And unlikely to end at 70. I expect more levels and more essences to grind in 8.3, unfortunately.

Should have stopped caring when you hit 65. I’ll be nearing 70 with less effort involved as the weeks go by before anything higher becomes relevant.

You mythic raider buddies are lazy AF then, my huntard that i boosted 4 weeks ago is 65 without doing any islands or wq, out side of the weekly / emissary.

I thought they changed it so if you were maxed out on AP it gave you some amount of gold instead?

So glad I’m far from cap, I guess.

I think I did cap it once previously.

The issue with legion that people were kind of forgetting.There was no hard cap. Technically just got harder and harder to raise the level to where eventually it was not worth it.