AOTC Raid Guild looking for DPS!

Raiders needed!

The Clique is looking to add raiders to its ranks. We are a late-night Heroic raiding guild on the Norgannon server, killing bosses Tuesday and Sunday nights from 9:45-12:45 server time.

We foster a friendly, casual environment that prioritizes people over performance. But don’t let that fool you – The Clique is a skilled team with former Mythic raiders and high-performing players among its ranks.

The Clique has been a pillar of stability on Norganon for nearly 15 years, with an active roster dating back to The Burning Crusade. The Clique is also consistent in its results, netting kills on each end boss for the Ahead of the Curve achievement in every raid since its introduction to the game.

If you are a bit of a night owl and ready to venture into your first raid and learn the ropes, or looking to take a step down from a hard-core raiding environment to a more casual one, The Clique could be a great fit for you.

We currently have no need for tanks or healers. Range dps are a high priority, while melee dps are low priority.

For more information contact Flair on discord @Flair #4151 or on Blizzard real ID @Flair#1625.