AoTC Guild LF guild to merge with us

Guild & Server: Haven - H - Rivendare

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 7:00pm – 9:30pm PST

Current Progression: 9/9H AotC BoD, 8/8H AotC Uldir

Why do you need a merger?:

We’ve had a number of long term raiders retire in BfA, 4-5 after Uldir, and another 3-4 after AotC Jaina, leaving our roster sub 20 and full of holes. People are leaving the game faster than we can recruit. We currently still raid with about 15, but are struggling with raid composition (tank:dps:heals) ratios for the first time in years.


Our main mission is to clear heroic content in a timely fashion on a relaxed schedule of about 7 ½ hours a week of raiding (avg 6 weeks). While 7 hours may sound like a lot, that is our only time requirement, we do not require pushing m+, farming normal or any other large time sinks on the side. We believe and have successfully proven that you can still clear heroic content without a significant time commitment (outside the “normal” routine of dailies/weeklies/azerite for regular toon upkeep and maintenance) to the game allowing one to maintain typical adult IRL obligations (jobs, families, going outside, etc). We aim for top 10k world rankings on our kills, our H-Jaina kill was top 5k!


We are looking to absorb another small raid team suffering from similar symptoms, we know we’re not alone! Perfect world scenario a team that has just recently found themselves sub 10 raiders and unable to full fill their raid schedule any longer. We have an established guild (4+ years under this name) and systems in place to support a larger and successful raid roster, a solid officer core, clear guidelines, and have taken the time to implement and organize a very stable environment for our adult group. I can’t drive this point enough, this is a stable and dependable environment for adults that need to plan their day to day lives, but still want to play the game we grew up with.

Terms of the merger are a bit up in the air and open to discussion, on a broad strokes level your group would be joining Haven, not the other way around. Our raid times are pretty set, as we have found a delicate balance between our west coast and east coast raiders, but there could be some wiggle room, and possibility of the addition of a 4th night or changing of the 3rd night’s day/times to help accommodate the new group. Our rules are pretty straight forward, adult guild, no drama period, kill pixels, maintain attendance requirements, and post out when you cant make it.

Would consider a like for like merger, absorbing officers ranks as well if it makes sense…the logistics of this would need to be discussed further amongst a meeting of all officers involved.

Currently not looking to merge into another guild, but for fun would entertain wild off the cuff offers, cause, well ya never know!

Feel free to contact me on discord or realid, I welcome some discussion on ideas and options!

discord: muze#9416
Bnet: muzei#1983

haven-rivendare . com

(our wowprogress is also up to date)

Thanks for reading!

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Hey! I have a wild off the cuff offer for you :slight_smile:
Long shot but if you are interested in talking, my info is at the bottom of the link. take care!


Couple interests yesterday, still looking for a small’ish group to join us…it seems raid days/times never quite align!


respond here with contact info for a quicker reply!