AoE is too good

Yes, they can actually.

Thank you for this comment. I personally hate what dungeons have become because of the mythic+ rush mentality. No matter what dungeons you do it’s the same. That rush style is not fun to me and I was SO excited for classic so that I could go back to sheeping in dungeons and being careful.

Unfortunately, so far, it’s been exactly the same as it is on live. Such a bummer and makes me not want to do dungeons at all. Which is sad to say at the least.

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This isn’t false. But only certain classes can aoe well. If guilds want to stack more of these classes in order to aoe, well, that has its own set of downsides that they’re welcome to take on.

I’m fine with people playing how they want to.

Ya this is true. Sadly I think mmos/wow began and encouraged a certain playstyle after a certain point and it’s hard to go back from there.

The good news is there are people who think like you and will still want to play that way. Even if it’s not as many.


How do you AOE in classic as a hunter or a rogue bro?

no one brings hunters to 5-mans lol

So not every class then?

Yeah tell me that when you’re lvl 50 and water cost half a gold for 5… good luck buying bank space or mount. SJW these days…

you really don’t. you just need attack and follow bound to your mouse wheel and keep the pet on passive, same as you do while leveling/questing. it doesn’t even matter if you leave growl on auto or not, it isn’t powerful enough to pull from a competent tank and even if it did, big whoop, the cat/wolf/bear standing right next to the tank took aggro for like 3 seconds.

what you don’t do is bring Claw on any pet ever, it’s DPS is actually worse than Bite overall and Bite has a 10 second cooldown, your pet will always have available focus and better DPS if you just use Bite instead of Claw. Claw is only good for very short term bursting on clothies in PvP. there is hard math on this, Bite is the better ability across the board.

this is assuming you’re even using a Claw capable pet, in dungeons you should always have a wolf for furious howl anyway. hunters are very valuable for the combo of Furious Howl + Trueshot in any situation. and while they aren’t spell caster levels of AoE, they do at least bring some AoE to the table and can be a great option, you’re not always going to find the ideal team comp for 5 mans at every hour so sometimes an AoE group will have to run something like mage/lock/hunter instead of the triple mages we all know they truly want.

but yeah i’ve somewhat changed my mind on the whole #nochanges concept. you can have the vanilla-style experience while still shifting the balance this time around, mages and warlocks probably do need nerfed a bit, hunters could be made to scale better this time around, would it be the end of the world if Paladins got a taunt prior to TBC? probably not.

none of this will actually happen though, so it’s all whatever. but classic would still be classic if they actually did a little bit of balancing so the game isn’t just 3 classes in the meta…this game is already NOTHING like vanilla, so #nochanges went out of the window already as far as i can tell.

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pretty sure dark age of camelot had something similar, because i remember early in that game, literally everything done in both PvE and PvP was a PBAOE meta, you’d have 15 spell casters literally just run face first into a PvP battle and wipe everything out in 2 seconds because there were no limits on the amount of targets that could be hit, so PBAOE bombs were unbeatable in every aspect of the game. and IIRC that got nerfed into balance within the first year or two of the game’s life.

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I played during vanilla so not only did I have a level 50,I had a level 60. Not once did I ninja loot. Nice try though.

Here’s an idea guy, if you want to spend less on water there are mages who sell it for cheap/tips. You know like has always been the case. Lastly stop trying to justify you being a ninja looter. Grow up, entitled millennial :roll_eyes:

OP, take comfort in the fact that at endgame that AOE bloat will struggle to find groups and be simple open world farmers.

Or, and stay with me here, if you’re a jerk I’ll be a bigger jerk to you.
You sound like someone I would send tons of non stackable rocks to in mail.

I love you.
I’m good with whatever pace the tank wants to run at.
You want me to CC something and single target mobs to take them down? I’m in.

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You sound like a child lol. You keep ninja looting because you didn’t get your way though. Straight millennial you are, entitlement generation :shushing_face:

Looks at the recent hit fix to Demo shout…Called it out days ago with basic testing

That game balanced it by anything hitting the caster stopped casting period unless that used a ”realm ability” (can’t remember what we called them” that allowed you to cast for 75% dmg for X secs (taking this would eat up a lot of the realm abilities)

You can’t compare a balanced game like DAOC to Wow which is based on gear/time. That game was awesome when it game to balanced fun PVP, I just wish they would update it.

World of Magecraft, every dungeon group is just 3 mages and a tank and a healer. Wow many mages, such fun.