AoE is too good

Mage AOE is too good. Warlock? Not so much unless you Hellfire yourself to death.

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Im not sure why more mm hunters aren’t desired, with trap, volley, and multi shot I can rival the dmg of a mage. plus true shot aura for the tank


That’s retail mindset right there.


I’ve been running with a friend for the longest time and we’ve actually got to the point where we’re turning down mages.

I’m not sure what it is, but most mages we’ve grouped with have attitude problems if we’re not doing “big” (read 5+) pulls every time, while we have little to no other aoe.


no changes, they cant

what I wanna know is what is AOE cleave spell group …. really, list me one spell that cleaves… no? go back to melee plz.

I don’t even try to join a group with all mages.

Can’t rogues get blade fury by the time they are ready for SM?

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i rather not , i get agro by just wanding already…

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Two minute cooldown.

I do not run with rush babies. I usually play a tank so I will sit back and let them die. I am not looking for BFA in my classic experience. They can run along and go speed run with the other kids.


Isn’t it funny how everyone is all “NO CLASSIC LFG! NO NEW MODELS! KEEP ALL CHATS!! #NOCHANGES! Also, i know this never was a thing 15yrs ago, but after forcing all the meaningless things on the community, we’re gonna meta shift and hyper min max this time around and give a big middle finger to everyone that doesn’t fit our new found master race leveling and raiding spec”

It really is a fkin joke.


I know exactly what you mean. The most toxic players are almost always mages. They pull from the tank and grab massive aggro when trying to play like its retail. Then they will always die and blame the tank and healer. I straight up refuse to tank for mages now unless I know they arent asses.


Two minutes is pretty fast.

In my own experience most hunters don’t know what they’re doing in PUGs.

Are you really arguing the AoE prowess of BLADE FLURRY?


3 good dps burning down single targets while CCing what’s available = heals never having to drink and fast efficient dungeon runs.

I’ve looked at a few guides out there, and for the most part they are horrible in that they are guides on how to zoom through everything as fast as possible to get to level 60 and have no clue what you’re doing.

I blame the crappy guides for a lot of the garbage going on with dungeons.

As for cleave/aoe groups, I won’t tank/heal/dps them. Not how I want to play.


Rogues are really good at taking down the casters and monks in SM. Maybe I’m remembering wrong but blade fury was good at some point.

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Rogue QQ it’s easy. Market their skill set. Yet they QQ about other stuff. I am dps that’s all I need to bring… ummm ok.

If you say rogue LFG will lock pick chest. Well bam someone going to invite you.

Just like if lock will say will summon blah or whatever.

Literally never seen this.