AoE is too good

It probably is too good. But the #nochanges crowd would lose their poop if it got balanced. Vanilla wow never had great class balance. The pure dps mains are the ones that want to keep it the way it is.

Honestly just ride it put until BC comes out. A lot more classes have good cleave in BC.

The mobs don’t do enough damage either. Honestly if you wanted to experience demo shout not being able to hold 20 mobs and those 20 mobs actually being dangerous to the tank, you could have experienced that for the last 4 years… elsewhere…

But Activision won’t give it to you. Classic is the easiest possible version of the game. WoW is for casuals now.

You do realize some of these aoe groups dont even have a tank right?


The dude doesn’t want to listen to reason. I said the same thing, and it seems they gave up, or went to bed or something.


The reason your aren’t being brought it because you’re bad. I’ve shaman tanked well up to 40 so far with little complaints. I’m sure you’ll be fine


I highly doubt that given that they went through all the trouble to replicate vanilla spell processing for authenticity.

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Idiot shill

It’s interesting that EverQuest,a game that released 5 years before WOW, knew this would be a problem. The solution? Limiting AOEs to a 4-target maximum.

It has always been like this. No one wants anything that cant aoe. So mages and warlocks are your go to dungeon group dps.

A good group would look like this a fury/prot warrior, a priest, 2 mages and a warlock or 3rd mage.

When you ask why. Well the fury/prot is pushing out mad TPS and DPS with the build. Lets the 2 mages and lock or 3 mages. Just aoe everything down. It also allows the warrior to get all the agi leather, and weapons.

Its the perfect set up grinding your BIS.

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I’m already 39 and saw very few good drops from SM. I’m not really into dungeon grinding anyway.

Giving out water isn’t a requirement. You should come to dungeons prepared alteady. Ninja looting an item because you felt entitled to water and didn’t get any makes you a clown. Thanks for telling this story that made you look bad.

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Except if you’re a Rogue that is. But I guess Blade Flurry is a big part of that.

They didn’t buff AoE threat of tanks. Tanks just know to spam their aoe threats and nothing else.

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Good thing every class has cleave except druids and they can tank or heal huh?

Yes, they can actually.

Thank you for this comment. I personally hate what dungeons have become because of the mythic+ rush mentality. No matter what dungeons you do it’s the same. That rush style is not fun to me and I was SO excited for classic so that I could go back to sheeping in dungeons and being careful.

Unfortunately, so far, it’s been exactly the same as it is on live. Such a bummer and makes me not want to do dungeons at all. Which is sad to say at the least.

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This isn’t false. But only certain classes can aoe well. If guilds want to stack more of these classes in order to aoe, well, that has its own set of downsides that they’re welcome to take on.

I’m fine with people playing how they want to.

Ya this is true. Sadly I think mmos/wow began and encouraged a certain playstyle after a certain point and it’s hard to go back from there.

The good news is there are people who think like you and will still want to play that way. Even if it’s not as many.


How do you AOE in classic as a hunter or a rogue bro?

no one brings hunters to 5-mans lol