Aoe farming on mage = fastest way to level and accumulate gold?

Aoe farming on mage = fastest way to level and accumulate gold?

I hear guys in the forum say that they make stupid amounts of gold on their mage and that mages are very quick to level.

Is there much truth to this? Will aoe farming get my mage to 60 faster than anything else?

Where’s all this insane amounts of gold coming from ? Is it just the sheer volume of mobs?
What are mages doing outside of DM for gold?

I haven’t done it, but it’s hard to argue with the logic.

I watched a brief Youtube video of a guy with three other mages and a healer do a BRD pull. One guy used ice barrier to pull all the mobs to him, frost nova’ed and then ice blocked. The other mages used AoE on the mobs in tandem; trading frost novas and using CoC and Blizzard accordingly. Then the ice blocked mage joined in from behind.

I’m really interested in trying it if only as an experiment. Not sure how that would work with bosses though.

AoE farming is the fastest but it might be hard finding open spots on your server. The gold is coming from vendoring greens/grays, cloth, and silver.

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Fastest for leveling? Money making? Both?

So you would just vendor all greens and cloth? Forget AH?

I like viper stinging mages that are doing elaborate aoe pulls.


Any rich aoe mages gonna chime in?

You’ll make enough gold for your epic mount by 60 if you only AoE farm, it’s also the fastest way to level if you can do it efficiently, with all the 60’s running around at this point though it could be an issue.

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**True but that goes for leveling anything as far as 60s running around. Soon as you enter PvP zones. But depending sometimes it might be safer if the aoe areas are tucked away.

Yes, but doesn’t that mean you’d have to play a mage?

A mage can make a pull out of just about anything. 4-5 melee mobs in an area is a quick kill. I’m disappointed when I’m only killing 3 things at a time.


Yes, between the vendor trash grays/greens and AH Blues and - if you’re killing humanoids or undead post 40 - the stupid amounts of silver dropped per mob it gets to be an easy way to print money. Even better if you combine it with other resource gathering skills like Skinning or Herb where you can also mass collect hides and the like while doing it.

The biggest problem with AoE leveling is both mob competition during peak times (if you play off-hours this is significantly reduced issue) and then finding groups without casters. If you don’t have a pocket healer - and even if you do - dealing with groups of mobs that cast is a big issue as being a clothy makes you take a lot of spell damage inbound and it also risks interrupting your AoE casting and causing you to do less damage and waste mana.

That being said, if you just pay attention and find the right sets of mobs (there’s plenty of guides) you can get an insane amount of XP-per-hour and all the benefits of looting that many mobs per hour too. Even for the places where there are casters, you still end up on top by doing a quick 3-4 cast pickoff of the caster from the group, kiting out so they reset and then gathering up all the melees and just annihilating them.

If you’re doing it right, you can easily gather up 7-12 mobs slightly lower than your level and down them all in around 45 seconds for full XP for every mob, bonus points if you’re starting out with rested XP too. Compared with other classes where even being optimistic means you’re clearing 12 mobs in more like 5 minutes.

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It heavily depends on whether or not you’re on a pvp or non-pvp server, and what you wanna do at endgame.

It’s pretty unadvisable to roll a mage now if you wanna raid because they’re like 50% of the playerbase, and it’s really hard to aoe grind on a pvp server, especially with phase 2 coming, since all the aoe spots are well known and the opposing faction will eat your head with a spoon for monopolizing quest mobs.

If you need a gold farming alt, then sure.

Edit: Mages are also the most boring class to raid with, tied with paladins. Both just spam one button forever and ever amen.

Yes and yes. Assuming your spots are uncontested.

I believe alot of the gold grinding spots are simply things like ZF zombies. The value is in the quantity, each drop silver which accumulates over time and all have the small chance to drop BoEs.
The more mobs you kill the higher the chance you have to get decent selling BoEs as you can kill things considerably faster than any other grind in the game.

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Depends on your definition of fun. I get immense pleasure out of being able to use that one button with a combination of crit and clearcasting while still not pulling aggrieved and somehow being mana-efficient; not to mention having the most reliable CC in the game.

Good times.

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CC doesn’t matter in raids and one meter is the same as another. You spam your frostbolt and top the dps, I’ll spam my flash of light and top healing, neither of us will go oom.

Not good times.

But to each their own.


Pick a dungeon. AoE the trash. Sell the loot.

AoE farming other instances. ZF, for example.

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We’ve got a triad of mages in our guild who routinely outfit the rest of us because they are swimming in gold ala Scrooge McDuck’s vault.

They tend to focus on non-quest specific (ie named mobs) humanoid elites. Your chances for greens and up are increased. Plus they drop other saleables like cloth. On top of that, there’s usually herbs or ore (at least) in whatever area they’re in as well, so they profit from gathering profs as well.

One is a tailor, one is an enchanter, so they also make bank with bag sales and DE’ed mat sales.

Mage farming is very lucrative. I can’t speak to the difficulty of actually leveling this way; my people aren’t leveling this way, they just supplement farm.

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I just want to say that armor has nothing to do with spell damage.

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Yes, it is the fastest way to level.

But for gold making, almost every class can make tons of gold on DM, hunters can do tribute runs, Priests and palas can aoe farm lashers as fine as mages, and locks can do the jump runs, and those are broken if they have mining.

Also warriors can duo with healers on DM.

I think the only advantage of mages on gold making is on ZF farm, that doesn’t rely on AH to make gold (Most of DME farm gold comes from selling Felcloth, Dreamfoil, Groomsblood on AH).

Yes, it is the fastest way to level. However, you’ll often find multiple mages farming all the good spots, so good luck trying to gather everything up for a pull without some other mage tagging them all. I also advise you to be careful on PvP servers because a mage in the middle of a pull is an extremely enticing target.