AOE changes suck

Nah, my main is a Fury warrior and I already have the AOE Cap, it doesn’t change things that much, I’m on the top of the AOE pools more often than not.

I think his point was no spec presses literally 1 button for their aoe rotation.

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It’s not simply capped at 5 mobs and then your abilities do nothing to the rest. It works like TD where it hits the cap number for full dmg, and diminishes as it hits the excess mobs. And its more aimed at melee classes, with ranged/casters still doing sustained AOE damage.

Its also alpha, and a work in progress. The world isn’t on fire over this 1-day old change.

I disagree because the aoe cap doesn’t effect my plague’s ability to spread. I disagree not because I farm tmog, but because it doesn’t effect me :stuck_out_tongue:

This being said, I am still losing out on the 30% chance to flare up damage that they are cutting out, and dislike that, so it kind of does effect me, just not in the same way, since you know, epidemic and virulent plague currently are sticking with the former base target cap.

Did they release updated notes? These are what I’m going off.

This I’ll agree with but as of current information it is capped between 5-8 targets.

Is this the same as Wowhead? this is the official “blue post” on the Alpha forum.

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I read it, I’ll wait on spell changes.

The only way a target cap is going to work is if AoE prefers to hit lower health targets.

Yup, and the m+ community is still bitter over how threatening and one-shotty certain mobs abilities are in higher keys in BFA. It’s the limiting factor on pull size at the moment, rather than anything to do with melee damage. So it will not go down well at all if Blizz dials this to 11 to try and make 5 mob pulls difficult.

Have said it many times. The only reason the game has turned into an AOE fest is because it’s TOO EASY. Make mobs do more than tickle, make them a challenge, make their auto-attacks hurt even in world content, and scale up drastically in dungeons.

World content is just a joke even while levelling. It’s grab as much as you can and AOE it down. They thought they added tougher mobs with Naj, but it was just the same, pull it all and AOE. It’s so worrying how clueless they are. That’s the baseline problem - fix that.

Quit it with this artificial difficulty by doing it through a million mechanics and trying to make the game a dance party. Visions are a perfect example. Even 5 mask runs, NOTHING HURTS. You can just facetank it on any class/spec as long as you move out of the bad. If you don’t want the new Tower to be like that, then Make. Stuff. Do. Damage. It’s not rocket science.

They’ve created their own problem.

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To be fair, I may have mixed the two approaches listed in that blue post. Ion’s interview with Sloot also mentioned that they want to differentiate between melee cleave abilities, and more traditional caster AOE abilities. But the blue post doesn’t specifically mention cleave.

The thing is, the people who don’t care are the ones not doing M+. Posting in general won’t get you far.

you really have no idea what you’re talking about. typical forum response.

It’s some of that. It’s also that we have lots of abilities and tools to make massive pulls. For a lot of us, that’s a lot of fun. The bigger the pull, the higher risk, the bigger the reward.

The change would wouldn’t affect those already not doing M+ or large pulls to begin with. It feels like this change is being targeted at the people who enjoy AOE the most and that’s the part that sucks.

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Take a guess at how an outlaw rogue converts their single target rotation to an aoe rotation.

Like you said, it’s alpha bro, I don’t want to take things TOO seriously but at the same time I don’t want to just not say anything about it.

One button?

Ironically farming transmog and old content is more affected as you pull whole dungeons, but hey you’re the smart one :wink:

Blade Flurry :slight_smile:

Well, I mean this is retail. Classic and Retail should always be completely separate games. I want Retail to stay the way it is and not become something like Classic. My guess is most people feel this way too.

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Lol that was me last night leveling my arcane mage at 115 with 50k hp because I quest in full heirlooms so I don’t have azerite HP or the refreshing shield. I usually pull 3-5 mobs at a time and have to kite perfect or :skull_and_crossbones:

Pretty sure he’s trolling, I’d just ignore him or report him.

I know. I’m just being a smart a#$. :grinning:

I actually want it to be hard. Limiting AOE will make it easier. But you keep hiding and trolling on your alt and i’ll keep doing actually hard content.

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