Anzac [H] recruiting for [NA] Fresh TBC Project

Hi everyone,

Do you wish you could start fresh on a fresh server, with an economy free from inflation and bots? Well, it’s probably not going to happen. But we have the next best thing!

Some of you may have heard of The Fresh Crusade project, an EU re-roll project that has gathered over 5000 members. Some of you may also have heard of a more recent North American project - [NA] Fresh TBC Project. This project only started a few days ago and already has over 2000 members.

For those that don’t know, on the 9th March all these members (currently over 2000) are going to re-roll on a low population (ie currently dead) North American server to create as close to a ‘fresh’ experience as possible. Guilds are forming, people are choosing their factions/classes, and the chosen server will be announced just prior to the 9th March launch time.

I’m starting a horde guild Anzac with the intention of gathering as many Oceanic horde players as possible. Given that the chance of a project such as this gaining traction on an Oceanic server is about 0%, this is your best chance of playing on a fresh server with other Oceanic players (unless Blizzard surprises us all).

Discord link for [NA] Fresh TBC Project -

Discord link for Anzac -

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