Anyone still here from Vanilla Greymane?

Hey all. Used to be a fury warrior on Greymane under the name of Trout. Played a lot of Warsong in 49, 59, and 60 brackets with a druid named Guacamole.

WOW SPECIAL FORCES IS alive and well!

I came back mid-WoD until the very end of Legion, during this time I met few old friends, such as Unruly, Hitokiri, Fogey, Julise, Dazlinn… and others.
I was amazed to see guilds such as Council of Nine, Core and The Afflicted, it really was an other era.

My biggest surprise here is Anthalidor & Faewen, woaw!!! Makes me want to come back once again :slight_smile:

TROUT! Wow haha, holy crap man, I haven’t seen that name in so long, I’m Nandera, the Troll warrior who had PvP rank like 10 I think, and was with Stacked, after that I started playing my holy paladin Kevrim on Alliance and healing for Contempt, hell even this Shaman existed back then, but he didn’t really get any attention till BC.

Nadera/Kevrim/Stormslap/Nick reporting in fellow oldie bois

Listen here, you Australian, doorknob height little man, Kallozar was the chadliest of chads, before chad’ing was a thing, PUT RESPEC ON HIS NAME.

Also how you been my dude, we weren’t super good friends, but I was that troll warrior Nandera, hung around with Undeadninja or you’d know her as Mysticfairy, or just Kalindy, Hexus, Lamn and that pack of idiots.

I truly hope your story ends with love someday Kami, you were a beautiful powerful dwarf woman, and you deserve your poly love triangle to be achieved, I cannot wait for the day that you nestle between Brunnor’s thiccc af thighs and moobs, and Kallo’s massive Chadington magnum dong, and fall asleep in your California king size bed that you earned from streaming as a poly couple together.

Don’t forget the latecomers Contempt, the ones that transferred from Thunderhorn and picked up the cast offs from Exousia and Phoenix and Crimson, people like… ugh… Constia for one, but we did make it into Naxx and cleared a few bosses, I mean hell we did it with our main tank still wearing might shoulders, if we hadn’t formed so late into classic we would have been right alongside you guys pushing for Kel, I think a couple of our members were in the Kel push because it was a joint operation between Phoenix and Crimson if I recall.

I was the male Orc Rogue Asheuze back during vanilla. I mostly did BGs during that time and so many of the names in this thread bring back memories lol.

I used to play on greymane Horde back in vanilla in the guild called order of the crucifix. Joined The Afflicted in BC. I was a shaman named Dulan.

Oh wow these forums still exist.

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Hey Merkion we Did play Again Classic for a year again, Relmax, Lightlady, Cynnar, Aenigma and myselft Camusdemerac, i just reallized you posted here, we played Molten Core, BWL, AQ40 and some Nax, we are still on Graymane if you want to chillout and the guild is still running with Relmax.


I rolled with Lexie sometimes on my Dwarf Pally Marshal Furyforge!

I was in Exousia During AQ on my pally Furyforge. I just got a player to 60 for the 2nd time in its lifespan so weird.

Still around, Merkion! I remember hunting you in AB bgs quite often lol. I recognize a ton of names here. Our old Horde guild was HRG, and I briefly raided with The Afflicted. Lot of good memories.

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Think my father used to play in Exousia around 2006. Had a Hunter named Forestdorf.

So I was about 6 back then, I personally had a human warrior Kaidan i managed to get to level 47 before TBC released… hehe. I remember watching my brother play all the time on his warrior Crazyyhose, I can not remember what guild he and his friends were in i think it was along the lines of AoHB. I am curious if anyone remembers the names of some of the people he played with and occasionally me: Gadraven, Sather, Dorinn, Alexandr, Sandrayn, Kittia, Darinada. Plenty of others i can’t remember.

I remember Furyforge, the Dwarf yelling orders on WSG :wink:


Yup been on Greymane since the day the server launched. helped start Old School guild.

Bring back Karnal. She was fun to look at.

Howdy!!! I saw your post and immediately felt compelled to yell out, “ME! ME!” LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I actually started playing around with the original BETA over ~20 years ago, thanks to my old supervisor in our company’s tech dept telling me all about this “huge new online game about to be released soon.”

*I’m an old computer nerd, now a retired Web Developer/Designer (simply called a professional “webmaster” back then) –> “Internet Applications Dev” –> “Coldfusion Programmer”)

Greymane was the first retail server I ever played on, and I have a ton of really great memories of the MANY different people/players, guilds, etc from those earliest days. Not surprisingly, it seems like every guild I found myself in ended up asking me to create a custom “guild website” for them, which I would inevitably wind up in charge of somehow. LoL. (Good thing I enjoyed my work back then)

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