Anyone Remember?

I have not played in a while. I played on and off for the first ten years after release.
I am just wondering if anyone here has some memories of the old days. I will write some names and see if anyone remembers:
Titans of Azeroth
Im Hungry When is Lunch
Tears of Vengence
Fatal Union

Thats all i can remember for now.


I remember all the above! It’s been a minute…

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Ehh ToV still raiding!! I’m a CM there :laughing:

I havnt seen george since i stopped playing around cata, last few expacs alot of people have left to raid on other servers, FU is just a ghost town right now :frowning:

pfffft stupid blizzard forum deciding what toon i want to post from

I’m too old to remember things.

Then again, I recognise most of your list… can’t forget toosXXXtoo (and their alt variants) in trade.

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Ah yes, I remember all of those. Is anyone from ToA still around at all?

I remember getting in a WSG with George and some Paradosi guys. Followed him around playing healbot and dropping WF Totem while he mowed people down with his Dark Edge was a rush.

Long live Carpe Cerevisium

I remember most. Played on kargath from 04 release until 06 then switched over to a PvP server. My original character was orc warrior (Panzer). Did mostly PvP back then with the old honor system. George and Paradosi would invite me into their premade BG groups and it would always be steamroll.

My father was a big raider in Fatal Union for a few years, orc warrior Kilrok. I was friends with most of the founding members as I was part of one of the previous guilds that merged into Fatal Union. Minions of the Shadow was the guild if I recall correctly. Back then a lot of guilds on the horde didn’t have enough members to run MC solo so we made a federation of different guilds and would run MC with members from each.

My father and I still play together, 16 years later too.

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anyone remember Toosexehto lol and Yugo (sp) use to gank ppl in ironforge all the time lol

George is back apparently…he is doing Arenas

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Never really interacted with George but he was part of an era in WoW that was great. So I check his profile page once in a while to see if it was active and it never was whenever I loaded it up. I haven’t checked in a year or two now until I saw your post. It’s good to see him in max level gear once again.

Good times on Kargath when these guilds were around. You’re just forgetting Caustic and The Iron Fist.

Muh boi Yugo!

I was in ToA for BC on my mage Jerrith. Prior to that was in Shadow Wrath if anyone remebers them. I remember most of the big guilds back then. And a lot of these names sound familiar.

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Great to see the forums are still alive, unlike Trade.

His constant presence in Ironforge made me want to level an orc rogue so much. He felt like a major WoW character to me, as much as Baine or Saurfang.

Were you formerly Belyn? The TOV days were sooooo long ago.