Anyone play WoW on the couch? Looking for a good mouse and keyboard solution!

Earlier this year I took a pretty gnarly back injury. I’m 90% better but, just my luck, the one body position that still hurts a lot is sitting in a desk chair. I’ve been playing other games with an Xbox controller in the meantime, but I really missed WoW, so I returned for 9.0.

After trying to sit at my desk and confirming that, yup, it still really hurts - I tried out the new controller support Blizzard put in. It’s a step in the right direction, but having to push the select button and move the mouse cursor around to deal with my inventory or interact with objects in the world is just too clunky. I’ve also tried the Consoleport add-on, which was a little less clunky but a lot more complex - I could never quite get my head around all the different bindings, and it always took so long to set up.

Mouse and keyboard is just too good for WoW! So I’ve been looking into couch-friendly M&K solutions. First there are lapboards from Corsair and Razer, but they’re all over $150, which is a bit much for me right now. I’ve also found wireless keyboards with an integrated touch pad for mouse control, but I worry about the touch pad being as frustrating to use for the pointer as the Xbox controller’s right thumbstick. I’ve also found these interesting mini-keyboards that are only the leftmost side of a full keyboard, focused on WASD and its surrounding keys. Some reviewers say they really like it for couch gaming.

Could any of you couch adventurers share your setups with me? I’m really bummed out thinking about how my days in Azeroth might be over, but there’s got to be a way to play from the couch that doesn’t suck!

It’s not quite a couch, but I play from my la-z-boy recliner. I just put a mousepad on the armrest and have the keyboard in my lap. It’s been working well for me for years. No special peripherals required. You would have to play on the far right side of your couch though… or left side if you’re a lefty mouse user.

I just use a cheapo wireless logitech keyboard on my lap and a G305 mouse that I use on the arm rest

If you aren’t sitting near the armrest, I’m betting there are some cheap lap TV trays out there you could use for the mouse. Heck, you could probably just rig up some boxes to make a platform for a mouse.

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I used to play in an armchair with an extra long TV tray. There are a variety of options available, some are even on wheels (like the hospital dinner trays). As long as you can position something comfortably to use mouse/keyboard and still see your whole screen, you should be fine!

Played for years on the couch. I sat more mid couch so I had no armrest near. Mousepad on a thick book on right side. razer tartarus on left. Wireless keyboard somewhere near by for the odd use. It was extremely comfortable way to play.