Anyone NOT get into the stress test?

Wife got the stress test email a little while ago. She started her account on May 16th.

This is a day 1 account and I’ve yet to get a closed beta or stress test invite.

Go figure.

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I updated client for the Beta Stress test, and have been sitting at classic login screen getting excited! Although 2 hours up to level 5 isn’t going to give me many opportunities as a player who started in classic to report bugs or give any valuable feedback. I’m just another connection for the stress test.

The World of Warcraft Classic Closed Beta realms will be down for the duration of the test. Once the stress test period is over, you’ll be able to continue playing on the stress test realm (up to level 5) until Friday, 24 May.

This is from the email I got

You’ll be able to play longer then the 2 hours.

Edit: the dates are for Australians.

No beta, no stress test.
Not even a candy.

nope. Hope that means I get into actual beta friday lol

Same here, 2 accounts (1 EU, 1 NA), 2 subscriptions but I guess I’m not a chosen one

day 1 account… Nothing here :(.

No active sub.
No luck.


Active sub since November 2005 and I didn’t get inv to either

I didn’t, but then, I didn’t expect to; no active sub still.

I got it on my launcher and then a couple of hours later got the email. I think if it’s on your launcher you are good to go.

2 am and still dont have a way to download the stress test server. Any chance I can get an update on what’s going on?

once the stress test is over, beta players will be able to go back to beta and play. it wont be long. its until the 23rd.

Got the test. No email, just an updated launcher.

had this account since jan 2005, no beta no stress test
I don’t even care about the stress test honestly a 2 hour event with a level cap of 5 while all u get to do is play in a super laggy state is kind of a slap in the face while a lot of streamers i’ve seen said they wont even participate and just go back to regular beta gameplay once stress test is over

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Still nothing in the launcher but I did get an email. Super confused and hope I don’t Shafted

I did not get anything, no e-mail, no invite. Of course, my response to the beta lottery was that I don’t need to spend $45 for a chance to get into the beta so I don’t really expect one. Also doesn’t help that my original account is not accessible so I don’t flag as a vanilla player.

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Meh. I got into the beta stress test and had everything downloaded yesterday… I’ve literally been trying to get in since it opened this afternoon and still nothing. So basically, even though I got in, I’m not in. >.<

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I had the same experience…… tried the entire time to log in and it wouldn’t let me.

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