Anyone left on Feathermoon?

Hi everyone, just curious how all the other guilds are doing on Feathermoon. We have seen a reduction in people online due to some leaving the game entirely or transferring to larger servers. Not sure if many people even check the forums here anymore but any replies would be appreciated. I personally am enjoying the expansion content just think its more fun with a full guild.

Hi, Freek. I’m on Scarlet Crusade/Feathermoon. I play 7 days a week unless on vacation or have the grandkids over. I’m loving DF and am in the process of leveling all of the classes to 70, 5 of 13 currently there. It is more fun with a guild. Currently mine are residing in my bank guild after leaving my long-time guild of almost 10 years. We grew apart when they left the family feel for mythic+ and heroic raiding. 99.9% of the chat was just keys and raids, rarely responding to common chat.

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Thanks for the reply Finori. If you are looking for a place to park a toon or two, you can try our guild, it is a lot smaller than it used to be but I am working to recruit people and hope to get the numbers back up. No pressure, just wanted to offer.

Oh wow. I just noticed you are Alliance. I will hold off until Horde can join if you will be having that option.

Oops, I should have checked faction first, but yes, when cross faction guilds are functional we will definitely be inviting all who wish to join.

Hi there… my guild Effect is still on Feathermoon/Scarlet and we are struggling with people also.

I setup a cross faction community and we try to raid Friday and Saturday nights 8pm-10pm CST if you are interested join the community Discount Raiders -

Drop by and join us we try to get groups together for mythics also, but slow getting people into the community and actually using it.

Still here, Freek!
I remember you. I just made new toons, and there are healthy guilds :slight_smile:


Hi Freek! Still here, was afk the past two expansions >_<