Anyone know if Cata will be released?

Have they decided if Cata is going to be a thing? I don’t remember to be honest.

I’m sure we will get an announcement of what the future holds for classic wow at blizzcon


Probably isn’t gonna be many people for ICC yet alone Cata


blizzcon gonna be fun w/ there are no mentions of classic lol

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Hopefully so then hopefully the #nochanges bs will be done

I suppose it depends on how much you like to read into things…

and beyond.” was stated here in a blue post.

I was gonna say that Blizzcon was an awful amount of time after ICC itself… but it’s already late May, almost June, and ToC releases late June, meaning we’d probably be barely into or not even in ICC by the time Blizzcon rolls around… the passing of time is a crazy thing.

Pretty certain Cata is coming. It wouldnt make much sense to release the wow token if future expansions werent coming.

MoP hype!

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Well this is kind of where I was going w/the token thing (I am neither for or against) but two possibilities come to mind:

  1. They released it for Cata (and I suspect other things will come as well - RDF)
  2. They are not going to and this is the last way to get more money out of classic before it folds.

Pro RDFers may feel disenfranchised if RDF doesn’t come for ICC, and may likely skip Cata as retaliation, even if it comes with RDF and LFR.

I dont think Classic will fold tbh. I think there are more than enough thatll play Cata/Pandaria to maintain a couple of servers and if the population HC warrants a server for that then Cata/MoP will be more than that.

I hope so.
#SomeChanges is good too. I want Blizzard to go ham and start balancing things and make appropriate changes.

If they do, I hope they keep LFD AND LFR out, might actually be fun then.

Blizzcon is in early November, I’d be very surprised if we have ICC by then.

Cata is definitely coming.

Yea I dont think it’s going anywhere either. And Cata might actually have more staying power with RBG’s finally being released which will give raiders and people in general something to do other than just raid-logging.

The same reason RDF should be in wotlk cata should have RF.

Its worse loot than normal and is completely skipable you dont have to use raid finder at all. It shouldn’t come till dragon soul and it doesnt impact anyone that chooses not to use it. Its a good tool for alts to catch up in gear and that’s about it. As long as its just for DS it should be put in cata.

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