Anyone here from late TBC-WoTLK (Dalvengyr)?

Warning, A bit long:
Started playing a couple weeks after the Sunwell patch came out and played constantly up till cata. I’ve been playing on and off since then.
I played Horde on Dalvengyr, my mains are were also back then Steeldark (used to be the Blood elf Paladin) and Direslayer (Tauren Druid)… Hopefully someone recognizes haha. I was wondering if any of y’all from Till the End of Time, Blood Brotherhood, Blood Trinity, The New World, and The Seireitei are still around and maybe visit this forum occasionally…
I hope y’all are doing well. Alot of you helped me grow up. I was like 11 when I started playing and i’m turning 22 in about 2 months.

I wouldn’t really talk to a some of the active members in some of the guilds I was in (which I mentioned), no apparent reason, I just never got the chance to, but i’d see you guys talking in /g or talking about grown up things and i’d be learning how the “grown ups” would behave or whatever.

Shoutout to Sanguina and Taurensorus if you guys are still around. I remember grouping up with you two a couple times throughout my early levelling career for RFK, RFD, and the Scarlet Monasteries.
Shoutout to Kurthnaga, you were the first serious guild leader I ever had.
Gundorix, you bastard, I wonder what you’re up to.
Gurlyman… you literally disappeared without ever saying anything, you were the first “close WoW friend” I ever made.
Logic, hit me up sometime man!
Zirab, you were really nice. Theo, James, and I wonder what happened to you sometimes.

Toxiktraktor, never got to ever talk to you, or your gang. But I remember how at some point in WoTLK you guys literally would gank everyone in front of org and even made that guild ‘Least we got Durotar’ and I thought that was pretty badass as a kid. You were one of the reasons why I kept trying to get better on my feral druid.
Mangleyoface/Quex, I don’t remember the connection we had but you’re in my memory and we used to do dungeons together.

Anyway that’s it.

I only played ally, but I remember some of those names

I was here, but i was ally as well. Played a Night Elf druid named Thuderchild.

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signing in.
We are still holding the server alive by our teeth.
are the last remnants of a once mediocre realm.

Come all, Dalvengyr friends - we must band together now these trying times.
Spoodz, Conflagratia, Themonsterx, Rekt, Mafiastunna, Meanmom, Blacktorn, Whitetorn & all the BC boys, calling traitors, calling Tobin & the Ironforge AFK gang, Thorrbo, Kanda…

All the Frenchies: Bcups, Ingrin, Berzurkur, Quiggle, Traxxisth & Snic, Oggclaw (& HIS WIFE), Warlord Zanik, Kerthal & the Dad Gamers, Watermelon & the Alt Code Boys…

And finally, all of you: you background basterds. Boys (and otherwise) scrumming around the server–those of you who we passed by like two ships in the night all those many years ago. We miss ya. Be well, everyone of Dalvengyr.

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Toxiktraktor was nightmare. I hope he comes back for classic!

Bruh i havent seen you in years rofl

Playing classic?

I know some of those names and some of those names know me,

I was here back in those days. I’m still around, just usually on an alt when I get a little bit of time to play.

Tobin and Thorrbo. Now those are some familiar names. Dalvengyr woo yeah!

i was here in tbc til cata. my character was gargarensis, i was tauren

Tehmasheen was my warrior. Used to spend all my time BGing and dueling in durotar in Wotlk.