Anyone else worried about Deathborne play style returning for Frost?

Devs said they want to bring back Deathborne play style, which means Frostbolt spam. I’d imagine it’d heavily favor the Frostfire tree, not that that’s difficult considering Spellslinger sucks currently, but I’m not particularly fond of disregarding other spells to stack spell power and pressing practically only one button during cooldowns.

Of course, that could change depending on how they wanna do it, but I could 100% do without at least the spell power stacking per Frostbolt.

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I was initially but then I realized it won’t be Frostbolt spam anymore but FrostFIRE Bolt spam and I am okay with that, lol. Doesn’t take much to make me happy and pretty pixels really hit the spot.


The question kind of betrays an incomplete understanding of how the Deathborne play style work. Back in SL when Deathborne frost was popular, the correct rotation is still to use Flurry/Ice Lance for Icy Vein CDR/Uptime early during Deathborne window, then change to No Ice Lance near the end of the window.

Also important to note that Spell damage amplification was attached to Deathborne Legendary and the Deathborne buff itself, rather than Icy Vein. This time around, based of datamining on the Mage rework, the spell damage buff will be attached to Icy Veins itself, so Icy Vein extension via Ice Lance will have a higher priority compare to SL Deathborne.

Flurry sure, but I don’t really remember Ice Lance being cast often on higher target counts, especially since Icy Propulsion worked off of pretty much everything.

Well i may repeat myself but IF:
They buff fractured frost to hit 5-8 targets, they decrease the ramping part and let us use icelances too in that rota it could be similar to the old rota pre rework.
I would be fine with that.

But if its rly only FB and Flurry then i would hard pass on that. Thats even for me TOO boring.

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I would love it. I would play fractured frost in current patch but it’s bugged where you can’t proc it back to back. So it’s actually less than 50%.

Never played it, mostly because I refused to switch covenants every 2 months when they decided to buff/nerf or change them to make one the clear winner.

I am however strong in my belief that anything and everything that was introduced in SL should die in a fire and be left there, including all playstyles, talents, legendary effects, covenants and any other borrowed power addons that were an attempt to make the spec playable.

I mean, I know staff turnover at Blizzard is pretty high, but surely there are still some people in high enough positions to remind the boss that SL was somehow even worse than both Cata and WoD combined.

You are so right, shadowlands sucked for frost, feel like all players hated borrowed power. Everything felt so icky, didn’t even feel like I was playing a mage. I mean, BFA and legion were worse for frost imho because fire was better. Same for s1-3 of shadowlands. Fire was pumping in PvP, But… DF has been so good to us frost mages for PvP, I couldn’t imagine it getting worse.

@Op: The true vanilla frost mage experience lol.

Wait don’t we already have talents that split frostbolt on the left side of the tree?

The cool part of this could be that it could summon a lot of frozen orbs with cold front if the current talents that can split frostbolt are kept. It could make M+ very interesting.

That sucks.

I’m pretty sure anyone maining frost was Necrolord anyways.

Arcane was night fae for the first tier the Kyrian for the rest of the expac and fire is the one that flip flopped between nightfae and Venthyr.

Uhh Necro frost was absolutely giga busted in season 3

Season 4 mostly, fire was better for most seasons, I actually thought deathborne didn’t become busted till s4, it was good s3 when they nerfed fire. But my memory is terrible.

You may be right. I just remember playing Necro frost Destro hpal and it being absurd.

My mom went on hospice during Halondrus prog so my memory is s bit fuzzy regarding the last two seasons.