Anyone else love Chi Torpedo

but never take it because you kill yourself?

I think it is loads of fun and use it when farming old content and stuff but any time I try it in M+ or Raid I always manage to find a ledge to yeet myself off of


I take it knowing full well I’m going to torpedo myself off a ledge, maybe pull a pack etc. Totally worth the risk, way to fun and useful.

I loved Chi Torpedo when it healed and dealt damage.


I think the last time I took Torp was during Ghuun in BFA for solo running an orb.

I prefer roll myself. Feels like I have more control of where I end up, 3 uses and the short CD ( esp with the evoker reduction buff ) is nice


Gotta agree with you here but every time I see someone else use torpedo I’m like “man I forgot how cool that is … “

I might make the change tonight …

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I’m very good at accidentally throwing myself off of things.

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I started using it over roll and I am hooked. Roll is likely the better choice, but I love the flavor.

I’ve always been a “half afk “ kind of player and I’d set my character to auto walk to some destination while I ran to grab water, or take a bite of something messy I’d then need to wipe my hands before I could retake control …

In any case I’d always come back JUST in time to watch my character walk off a cliff and die … I became kinda famous in my guild for it. The village idiot if you will …


When I was kid I always wanted to be like M Bison. Chi torpedo allows me to live my childhood dream.

No way I’m the only one who’s thought this before. :smirk:

You are not alone

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I play chi torpedo most of the time, raid and m+. I don like roll, too slow. CT kill me very very very few time.

Shame this Psycho crusher doesn’t deal damage.

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They really need to give us roll cancelling back. Made me so mad they removed it for no reason.

I can still cancel high mountain racial charge and it feels fantastic. It’s ridiculous to lock us into a 1 second lengthy dodge roll to die to swirlies.

It felt so smooth and satisfying to be punching a moving mob and roll cancel perfectly into range to continue punching.

Or perfectly roll cancel to quickly dodge aoes precisely.


I just think of it as an easy way of getting back to the entrance of a raid/dungeon. Or the nearest graveyard. It’s like a short range hearth.

I’m always amazed how a cliff or ledge just seems to jump out of nowhere for me to fly off of. Must have something to do with layering.

I’m just thankful that we have zen flight back becuase before that id kill myself all the time In precisely this manner.

My favorite method of travel in wotlk was goblin rock boots % cloak parachute …

Its really a non negotiable talent at this point for me.

I love using it to accidentally hurl myself into a pack of mobs or off a ledge/cliff. :rofl:

I’d use Chi Torpedo but only if it had 2 charges baseline. having to talent another charge is kinda sus


I can’t play Monk without running it, even if it can kill me.

I prefer Roll on BrM because I tend to directionally roll backwards to gain some extra mitigation if needed.

On WW, it’s either or. There’s not enough talents to make it fun or worthwhile, so it tends to be dropped. Also, FSK fills the gap making it somewhat redundant.

On MW, it’s an absolute must in most builds. Agree that it should go back to at least healing allies, or firing off Chi Waves for anyone it travels through. :sweat_smile:

For the posts above, it would be cool to clarify what spec you play because it seems to matter. We’ve had an influx of Mistweavers post Fistweaving Prime, which seems to have amplified their share of voice.