Anyone else had terrible trinket luck?

I don’t know how many weeks of opening vaults and kills on fyrakk/tin have gone by without me ever seeing augery or beleros. I actually received myth hands 3 weeks in a row. I actually switched to aug evoker because I am so tired of the bad loot luck.

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Haha i feel you pal.

With my mage i recently lost Pips for the dunno 4. or 5. time in a row :slight_smile:

But with next season we can buy trinkets from a vendor. Finally some good idea!

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The worst and it’s been like that since at least SL, lol. I had completely given up on getting Berel’relos and only ended up getting it from a weekly 5 mythic dungeons quest like last month or something. I have never once gotten a weapon or a trinket in the Great Vault of Disappointment this season, not once!

I mean it literally made me quit mage class for this expac. I cant get over 485 ilvl because vault luck is always hands or repeats of items I already have. Never once seen Beleros. Not in raid, not in vault, never. Nor augery. Seen all the other ones though!

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You’re living my same life (best life?), I gave up on the two trinkets you mentioned and shoulder shrugged my way off the game until S4, but maybe even until TWW. Can’t play the RNG slot machine of disappointment forever.

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I’ve had horrid luck with trinkets. On my mains I never got a Beacon in S2. I’ve never gotten the Fyrakk trinkets or Belor’relos all of S3, either via drop or from my vault. It’s kind of comical, really. I did manage to get some Genesaur Blood trinkets on my healers (hero/mythic) track, but never one saw a Sea Star (either vault or drop, and I ran ToTT literally dozens of times).


That’s crazy. I have seen a lot of sea star. My last run this morning the healer won one. I also have gotten one myself from ther.

Beleros though, forget about it

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Luck is a tough one.
I’ve seen 2x double Belereos drops at hero pugs but rarely 1 sea star at Throne dungeon. Ofc i never won Beleros but still ^^

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5 more Throne runs and again still no sea star. Its so annoying ^^