Anyone else actually enjoy classic?

Classic is a good game somewhat ruined by certain segments of “toxic” & exploitative players. I would rather be playing TBC Classic personally, but Classic is still a good runner-up.

u think u do, but u dont

my favorite memory of this game is doing dungeons with my friend, i didnt even know what a dungeon is

and i certainly didnt know what tank heals and dps are

good times

I was, until blizzard decided to f*** up the servers and give character free to horde players on incendius, and you had to be online during certain time or you wouldnt get it, they said they inform this on the forums and twitter, i don’t give a damn about twitter nor i stay here too much, they should have warned through e-mail or whatever, now i lost the free character transfer, they unbalanced incendius and many other servers, they just f*** sh1t up instead of fixing it. Im done with this game. Sorry for my rant, im just pissed at their poor decisions.