Anyone else actually enjoy classic?

No specific group here, actually having trouble finding a leveling guild, but having fun like always. Wouldnt be playing otherwise.

I will always love Vanilla WoW and the early expansions. Doesn’t mean I won’t blast Blizzard for stupid decisions.

Not really, no. There are a few realities to classic that make it a terrible experience.

First most people have to choose between try hard guild(which is probably decent on clearing content), or a casual guild(which is probably bad at it). The trade offs here suck. There are very few decent guilds who clear content timely who aren’t try hard. My point: The game needs more middle ground.

Second problem with classic, it’s over run with multiboxers and people playing 500 alts because there isn’t much to do when you’re not raiding.

Third problem with classic is it’s an incomplete game, many classes/specs are abysmal. Itemization is lacking, PVP is a lopsided joke, and raids are brain dead easy(yet many guilds still try hard them and have unreasonable expectations).

Fourth problem with classic are the changes they’ve made to the game. Batching is pointless. Mega servers aren’t balanced well for economical conditions, or any probability of getting a world boss. Old school servers would have you at most competing with 25-50 guilds for world bosses. Classics mega servers has you competing with hundreds.

Anyways, sure, its fun, sometimes, but definitely not all the time.

For some reason, the ‘real’ players didn’t like it when I told them that I would casually stroll into Blackrock Mountain and /wave at passing Alliance, where the only chance of death was in misjudging the lava jump because you wanted to bypass the chains.

u realize they even stated that paid xfers and new characters are like 2% of the problem? The main problem is the quarentine. so… it will be over once all the slaves go back to work. So… theres no reason to actually stop xfers other than to make it seem like they are doing something.

Have another read, boz. Accept it or don’t but their reasoning is clear. We don’t know how long this quarantine will last or how many players choose to stick around.

The goal is for these realms to decrease in population, it’s not feasible to continue to accept more transfers.

it doesnt hurt anyone because we have layering now, and in a month everyone is gonna go back to work and the servers will go back to under full

Yes I enjoy it. It is simple, has fixed ending, and many challenging things that do.

My favorite is solo instances at 60… ubrs, brd, strat. There are parts I simply cannot do.

My membership had lapsed. Was done with retail. Had a couple of alliance toons on classic, and had some fun with them, but wasn’t enough to keep going.

Then, due to world events, I decided I wanted to play (hey it’s cheap entertainment). Decided to roll horde which is not my norm, and roll a shaman which I’ve never played much.

So taking it from an entirely new perspective.

And so far, the Shammie is level 30. Having fun with it.

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I’m enjoying Classic every chance I can get. Taking my time leveling and soaking up the beauty of Azeroth. At the rate I’m going I might not be 60 'til fall. Hopefully people are still playing into next year. I have a feeling being on an RP server will help.

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Classic is pretty much as I remember it & I still enjoy it, despite having to navigate/manage more “toxic” people in general who now make up the mainstream online gaming community.

I do hate how characters end up looking mostly like mismatched clowns, however, when they go about collecting the armor gear with better stats per piece. Dungeon & Raid tier sets tend to be pretty gimpy (or simply unusable by certain talent specs) compared to hodgepodging pieces together. My Balance Druid (respecc’d from Resto at guild request to be token Moonkin in our raids) is collecting her Cenarion MC set still (& it looks great), but it definitely isn’t very good for a non-Restoration Druid.

I enjoy classic too! After 6 months i still have a lvl60 lol… dozen different characters of average lvl30. Cheers folks

I rather like Classic myself. Sure, it’s way grindier and more challenging, but that same grind and challenge builds a strong sense of community and a need for people to form guilds and join parties. When an MMO gets too brainless and too focused on quick and easy daily goals, people stop talking to each other. I mean, why talk to people when you can do all you need to do solo, right? Hell, even tools like Dungeon Finder and thrown together pugs that steamroll content makes for very quiet groups.

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Oh, hello, friend :wink:


I enjoy it. Though I mostly just sit in Goldshire telling stories of adventures I’ve never had. It’s a simple life.


I am loving classic. Even though i am hoping for the possibility for a BC server i am still content with what i have. I have had a soft spot in my heart for grindy games. Gives me something almost never ending to do and a bit of a distraction while i write.

a lot of people come on the forums to vent their frustrations in any game. I wouldn’t take the complaint threads as an indication as people don’t like this game (or any game that has a forum for that matter)

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Rule number 1 of wow
If anyone comes to the forums, it is mostly to complain

Rule number 2 of wow
you will probably never meet anyone in game that has actually seen the forums

Rule number 3 of wow
the forums rarely reflect the majority opinion on anything

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Eh, true to an extent. Some of us are a special breed.

Mostly-true. Until I did, just now :wink:

Very true.


People are always more likely to complain when they don’t like something.

If you buy an Apple computer and have no problems with it you don’t call Apple up and tell them how great it is or make a happy post online.

Classic is good 90% of the time but the multiboxxers, botters, etc. are honestly the worst thing about classic and it’s entirely those players fault.