Anyone actually finding renown easier to farm?

Seems to be the same old system to me, but the campaign gave 2 renown per stage, instead of 1. Otherwise, I’m not feeling any accelerated pace.

Anyone having a different experience?

I heard they increased the rate for below 40 in the 9.1 patch.

Right, but it doesnt feel like it’s very effective.

Well to be fair, it has been less than a day and most the content that rewarded it isn’t even enabled until next week.

In 2 days i went from 16 to 40 so it’s pretty easy

The quests you get for the 4 zones while levelling gives you 3 renown instead on 1. Luckily i had banked those so got 12 immediately. Almost every covenant calling gives a renown… wasn’t so earlier. Pretty much a 100% drop rate with mythic dungeons now… was quite rare earlier. I’m sure the raid will be the same.

10 lfr bosses, 8 dungeons, 9 campaign chapters, one world boss, 2 weekly quests, 7 callings for the week… pick your poison.

I got on yesterday on this guy at 37 and easily hit 40 just doing my daily heroic + weeklies, so I’m happy.

In one day, really 3 hours, of 9.1 i didnt notice any difference in renown or anima gains.

well mission boards give 9 anima drops worth 35 rather than 7 so…i guess its marginally faster.

Im sure you are allowed to progress maybe 3 days now before hitting weekly reset cap instead of 2 days like it was before for me…as a super casual…which still doesnt seem right…