Anybody Else Disappointed With The New Class?

Devastation is boring. Preservation is great.

Like playing a Druid, except that they never had the Mage Tower to add more appearance options.

Even Diaper Gnomes have more freedom of expression.

I feel like the more weirdly jaded hate Evoker and Dracthyr get the more I love them.

As much as I otherwise enjoy the class, that is all too true.

I wanted and still want Drakonids. Not sure why you have an already established race like Drakonids just waiting to be playable and then Dracthyr, a race no one knew about, suddenly appears.

Looks at ogres and forest trolls then looks at EVERY playable race that has been introduced before them and shakes his head

I like their soar, but I think they need more colors in their spells if they are going to have all five flights’ spells. I mainly notice red and blue and occasionally a green spell but black and bronze/yellow I never notice.

Need more of the last two colors as rotational spells or allow us to change spells colors, which has been said in an interview recently that that won’t happen because of PvP and not being able to recognize a spell if its color changes.

Also, it needs a third spec but I think they are not adding anymore specs to the class if I remember correctly. Some recent interview I think mentioned they are done with them.

To each their own.

I would encourage you to voice your positive support in threads like this one:

I doubt that anyone from Blizzard plumbs the depths of negative threads like this for feedback. But if the High Elf threads have taught us anything, asking for what we want specifically (rather than bemoaning what we do not have) is a successful strategy.

Well, I don’t remember ever seeing anyone ask for a playable dragon race… not saying it didn’t happen but certainly don’t remember it being popular or a “thing.”

That said, I’ve come to think there is a big basket or glass jar or maybe even a white board and that is where things that players have asked for Over and Over go. Not saying they are never answered but when it comes to BIG things like expansions, new classes / races, they look at said list and say, “Anything but those… The players ABSOLUTELY do not know what they’d like!!!” It seems that way, from my perspective anyway… /sigh

I think it is boring to play and that the only thing going for it is that it looks like a dragon. But that is just my opinion. I didn’t care for Demon Hunters either.

It certainly was.

Those threads tended to be instantly dismissed as “pie in the sky” impossible requests and quickly buried, however. I mean, how likely was it that they would make dragons playable? But the people that really wanted it to happen continued to ask, even if it never gained traction with the larger community who simply didn’t think it within the realm of possibility.


This. Personally I like dracthyr. I think it was the best way they could’ve made a dragon race possible though I have some gripes about their lore, transmog restrictions and lack of visage options.

There were two far out wishes I had when it came to WoW classes almost all throughout my time playing the game. playable demon hunters and a dragon type class/race. If I were to recall demon hunters were also kinda the same. I remember people asking but there was never insane megathreads for it.

Request threads usually only maintain on the top of the board if there are like 5 people asking and spending lots of time maintaining the thread (see high elves and the san’layn thread for easy examples) and isn’t really an indicator of popularity.

So much like all the others that came before. Death Knights for WotLK, Monks for MoP, and Demon Hunters for Legion… So, what’s your actual complaint?

I mean, I’d love for something else but Evokers are nice IMO.

Meh, maybe I don’t remember because it wasn’t something I wanted. I was always more into the d&d/medieval side, (bards, necromancers, thanes, minstrels… etc etc). After space goats though, I mean… guess I shouldn’t be surprised lol.

Dungeons & Dragons. :wink:

Playable dungeons confirmed for 11.0.

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That’s generally what the more reasonable requests were going for. Which is pretty much poached directly from the tabletop.

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I think the biggest complaint I can see is tinkerer. It was an actual thing in the warcraft games and had some merit. However, I think in a couple expansions a tinkerer could be way more fleshed out since it seems like we are going to get a lot more information on titan tech and that allows tinkerer’s to be a lot more than just bolts, wrenches and maybe a mech suit. It’s probably our next class.

A Tinker necessitates the existence of a Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion. I’m not confident that I would be able to tolerate that for two years.

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That’s why I’m hoping there are going for a more “titan tech” focused route so they avoid a boring expansion like that lmao. (if they do it)

I think they lose the core flavour of the ramshackle, slapdash, mad inventor vibe that the class is founded upon if they go that route. Like a Shaman that channels Holy. Or a Demon Hunter fueled by the Light. It’s not that those concepts are necessarily horrible, but they do sort of miss the point of why people were asking for them in the first place.

The best time for Tinker was at launch. They make sense as a “foundational” class, as a part of the fabric of the world, on the sidelines like the rest of them. They don’t work when given the spotlight.

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And much like before I stated many times over. Tinkerers were overhyped by a bunch of people who wanted to nag about “Heroes” from WC3 which none of them were ever used but one. While it isn’t out of the question that Tinkerers were plausible, it doesn’t fit anywhere and missed its mark big time when BFA was out. They could’ve had a new class out and ready when introducing Mechagon and be a interesting way to introduce said class but they didn’t.

it is clear Blizzard follows something that comes out when it comes to classes, its due to themes. And Tinkerers are far from involved in anything… Necromancers had the better chance but too also missed their chance. So, whatever expansion is next for the next class, it would have to facilitate reasoning. Or who knows, Blizzard breaks the mold and surprises us all too.

I never want to knock on people’s ideas or suggestions but…they shouldn’t be so hopeful when someone hypes something up and expect their suggestion to appear in the most unexpected way. Just end up being far more disappointed in the end.

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Yea you’re probably right. I’m just going over what I’d personally like to see because I find the rust and bolts inventor archetype dreadfully boring personally lol. I’m really glad we got evoker over something like that.