Anybody Else Disappointed With The New Class?

the fact that dracthyr are class locked to evokers makes me insanely sad
i wanted to vibe out on a dragon warrior


Dracthyr themselves are okay.

Devastation Evokers are dog. THey are a disjointed mess that needed some real direction.

Race okay. Class sucks.

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I enjoy the class but think the race is awful.

I can’t fathom how anyone in charge looked at their run animation and said “yep, looks great, go with that”


Only the lack of transmog on the draconic form.

Having a fantastic time, otherwise.


Disappointed? Not really. Casting just isn’t my playstyle.

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Also, if you want to realize a bulkier dragon character, come voice your support:


Yes I’ve been saying it for a while now.

It’s not good. It really isn’t. People are cherry picking preservation evoker in coordinated keys and pvp. That’s not the game 90% of us are playing.

Preservation evoker is by far the better of the 2 specs but try playing that with a ranged DPS off in Narnia… or during a raid. Yeah that 25 yard range will hurt badly.

Now devastation? It’s a mess. A complete mess. I can overlook the healer but the DPS spec I expected better from. It’s stuck in place spamming living flame or disintegrate that roots you, channeled abilities root you. It’s not fun, it’s not inventive, it has no flair or spark.

It’s a horrifically clunky, low range, low survivability squishy.

BUT HEY WE OVERTUNED THE NUMBERS SO PEOPLE LIKE IT CAUSE LOL BIG NUMBERS! Yeah this is exactly why people are fine with it, because of the numbers. The gameplay itself is awful.


Im not a fan of dracthyr or evokers.

But im also not a fan of orcs or warriors.

Its okay that not everything appeals to everyone.

Evokers aren’t the most engaging class for me, but I do enjoy the drakthyr race.

I’m not a big fan of shammies or mages, either.

I don’t really have any interest in playing it but I hear Preservation is pretty good and unique which I think is good for the game. From what I’ve seen the dps spec is basically a caster form of DH and pretty basic. Not necessarily bad for the game but boring I’ll agree with.

Nope. I like them! :smiley:


The only thing I dislike about them, is that I can’t pick what mortal visage I want. :rage:

Yeah where’s my horde gnome visage!

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I am mildly entertained.

Some where inbetween National Lampoon and Social Media.

I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed devastation. I’ve always played warrior and I’m not a fan of casters but after running uldaman on my evoker I even considered running it as a main in DF.

It’s okay for most people to not love it. If that was the case we’d have too many evokers running around.


Serious, it’s like another Elf race that can change into a Weredragon, smh.

Like I wanted to play a Tauren Drak’Thyr. :sob:

Nah, I think they’re great. Earthwarden tank spec would’ve been cool, though, as well as the ability to mog our full dracthyr form.

I already enjoyed playing Devastation on the beta, but I’ve been playing mostly Preservation since they went live. It is so much fun to me, I may just raid heal this expansion as a primary instead of filling in as needed.

It’s a bit challenging, i like how the talents and abilities workout.

By comparison, I have to say that I like it alot more than Monk. Also, it’s a bit weird at first being a ranged class with low ranged spells but once you get used to it’s fine, it also makes the gameplay more engaging, like melee classes are.

If only… :dracthyr_cry_animated: maybe I’d like them more.