Any women suspended for being women?

I play side by side with my husband. We have the same hardware, same addons, same everything. We were questing in Maldraxus and Bam!! my account is suspended for cheating/botting. His was not. I asked for a review, I know I was not cheating. And received a lightning fast response, that yes, I was cheating. No, I wasn’t cheating, however; I was totally frustrated and ready to just say ‘the heck with WoW’ and find a new game. (18 years for my husband and 14 years for me) However, my husband, knowing how much I loved the game, purchased another account for me which we figured we would keep even when my account is reinstated, for family members (like our children and grandchildren) to play when they visit.
I am so angry and ashamed we spent money on another account knowing now what kind of company has been providing our entertainment. We have spent so much money on clothing, blankets, mugs, etc. from the gear store. (Yes, we sleep under a Horde blanket, drink our morning coffee from Horde mugs, use Horde backpacks for the gym and WoW travel bags when we fly.) Tokens, character boosts, server changes, mounts, pets, etc. from the shop all to pay the salaries of those who have done what they can to embarrass, humiliate , stomp down or force out women.
Shame on us and SHAME on you Blizz.

yeah lol can confirm im am a woman irl (in real life) and i just got banned also.

i asked a gm y i was banned nd he told me its bc i am a woman and that all my wow characters have now been deleted…!!! what a shame

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You’re pissed off that your account was suspended so you’re gonna throw out the “it’s because I’m a woman!” argument? you said;

So this happened BEFORE the lawsuit was announced 2 weeks ago? You’re posting today saying they suspended you for being a woman? Is that to gain sympathy where none is due?

What does being reported for cheating have to do with being a woman? Whether or not you did or didn’t is not relevant and neither is your gender.
You’ve been purchasing Blizzard products for 15 years now. It’s a well known fact that the gaming (technology) industry has had a lot of issues with being a “man’s world” and “chicks don’t/shouldn’t play games” since the beginning. If you’re just seeing that now, then you’ve had your eyes closed for a long time because it’s not a secret. It also wasn’t a problem for you until the company pissed you off or you wouldn’t have emptied your wallet into their coffers for all these years.

You should definitely feel shameful about this post.
Trying to suggest that you were suspended for being a woman with absolutely NOTHING to support that statement is shameful.
Trying to use the lawsuit and alleged perpetrators and alleged victims to gain some sympathy for a COMPLETELY UNRELATED situation is disgusting! You think your account being unjustly (so you say) suspended, compares even remotely to being harassed sexually or otherwise, or being discriminated against, at your place of work is a good reason to feel ashamed. Gross.

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Love IT!!!