Any way to change the vpos of a nameplate?

im tired of the position of dudes nameplate being like double the size of their body over their heads.

I think most nameplate addons will let you have some control over this.

If you want to use the default plates, you can look at the cVar browser in the Advanced Interface Options addon, I’m pretty sure there are some that will let you tweak the nameplate position. (Just do a search for nameplate in the cVar browser.) Keep in mind that if you have them set to stack instead of overlap, that will still make them float a fair bit above the model when dealing with a pack. (I’m also pretty sure there are cVars you can tweak to adjust how much the nameplates spread as well, though.)

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Look into the Plater addon. There is ALOT of customization you can do.

plater lets you change a lot, but not the clickable area vpos (which is what I wanna change, I want to move the whole thing down). it allows you to change the height and width, but not actual position. you can shift teh healthbar down, but it doesn’t change the clickable area.