Any Vanilla folks left?

Thinking about reactivating and transferring back to my home, just wondering if there is anyone left that remebers me, or anyone around from the vanilla days.

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I dunno you but I was an alliance player on this toon back in those days.

Same, am pretty much Ally side Shadow Council. Which server were you from, Koardil? Shadow Council or BWR?

Either way, maybe some of your old friends checked in here: ?

No more Vanilla, we’ve moved to Coke Zero.


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I remember you, and though I was also thinking of coming home to find all my old friends, I have some new ones that are for sure playing, and will be joining them. But I hope some old names popup as classic approaches. I think I was most surprised to see BO is still active in current retail, kudos to them, I remember running around with them back in the days. Im giddy to relive these moments all over again.

I used to be on Shadow Council back in the day… 2005-2007 on the character Veldo, a NE Warrior. I was part of a guild called Mages Powers (the last one I remember). I had always wanted to try to reconnect with people that I used to know.

(My original account was hacked and lost my Veldo toon v.v)

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I’m not sure which server you were on but I’ve played on BWR since it launched (2006?). Chances are we’ve never met and/or you’re from SC but still fun to see old timers around.

I actually came here wondering the same thing, if there’s any others still here from that time. I doubt there’s many but I can’t be the only one.

I started on Shadow Council in 05’, and never left. Granted I’ve had lapses in my sub, but my loyalties are with whatever comes closest to that original experience. Long story short: Yes. There are Vanilla folks left.

And if there is a DWP contingent, I will be like Ralph Fiennes: No matter where you go, I will find you.


I started on Shadow Council in Vanilla, but transferred most of my characters over to Moon Guard about a year ago, along with doing a guild transfer of the guild Light Brigade, which raided on Shadow Council from Molten Core through Antorus. Unfortunately Shadow Council seems to be slowly dying especially the raiding scene. The guild went from being unable to recruit 20+ to do mythic to being 7/9M in BoD.

Yeah sad to see Shadow Council in its current state it been my home server since Vanilla.

I’ve been running BWR since it’s launch back in 2006. I have a few alts over on Moonguard and Cenarian Circle but my mains live here. BWR will always be my home.

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Related to these queries, Blizzard has set up sub forums for exactly this purpose - to find old friends from old servers. Try checking here:

Wow I remember when the shadow council forum was full of daily posts :frowning:

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Anyone left that was on BWR from The Chosen or Phalanx of Perdition?

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Was in PoP in early days! Been looking around for friends!

Hello from Clancey/dmco anyone remember me?

Cadav <3 Probably the RPPVP one.


I initially went Herod/Pagle/Mankrik. I’ve torpedoed my name reservation on Mankrik in likeness to covert post-war submarine battles in the North Atlantic circa late '45, using period-accurate black-project technology. In lieu of my absence on the not even yet (publicly known) existent server population known as Mankrik, I will hitherto be taking up space on Grobbulus instead. He may have also had a wife, and if so she must be found.


Shadow Council Vanilla alliance here. Guanping from . Will be playing on Herod Horde side Likely my warrior named Hardside. Any old timey Confeds around hit me up Hiraiyuki#1502

I’ve been here on Shadow Council since the day it launched, playing both Horde and Alliance. I’m hoping that if people are returning to try Classic out that they also come home to Shadow Council. We could use a bit more life on the server again.

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