Any Tranquil Mechanical Yeti left (H)?

Long long ago, when the world was young, there was a guild named Tranquil Mechanical Yeti on Terenas. During that time, I played under the name “Allea” and “Mysticdead”. Does anyone still exist from that guild? I’m coming back to the game, and looking for old friends.

You might try checking Really Bad Players on Blackrock-H. The last few people I still semi-talked to from that far back where there the last time I talked to any of the old timers. But its been a pretty good time, not sure if anyone is left.

No way whats up Mystic?? Long time, man! I don’t play retail much anymore and been trying to get onto classic tbc as much as I can but there’s 2 mini Codez’ in the picture now so it’s tough, ha! Add my btag up man I think it’s Codez#1300.

PS what’s up, Jameson.