Any tips for a newbie to Enhance?

I was playing Ele on this guy for a while as an alt of mine, but I’m looking to make him my main in DF. Any tips for a nub enhance shaman? I’m looking for PvP with casual raiding

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Where did you get that hat? I want that white fur hat in your picture.

I think that most of us are hoping there will be some considerable changes coming in dragonflight so it’s hard to say for now. But as enhance we smack stuff until we can use our malestorm to chuck a spell.

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Try to save some MSW stacks to heal. Don’t use all 10 or 9>10 for double damage unless you can get a kill.

Pop wolves at the start to get MSW generation going fast.

Kiting is your friend, you will need to decide when to kite and when to stay in and use MSW.

I prefer sunder as a CC rather damage ability.

Learn to fake cast to get hex’s off.

Keep earthbind down on CD.

Crash lightning makes your SS and LL cleave so keep your enemies in front. You will to keep awareness of enemy healer for shear while doing this and keep awareness of your own healer as well.

Wait for feral spirits and your pvp trinket to be up before making any risky pog moves