Any social leveling guild recruiting


I have around 18 alliance characters on this server and around 7 120 lvl characters .i am more into levelling my characters achievements pets and Mount kind of stuff and unlocking heritage armor .not much of a fan of raid or dungeons in this expansion .any such guild out there ?i would like to bring all my 18 alliance characters in the guild .


Hi there! Still looking for a guild? We are alt friendly!

~CRIMSON DAWN~ - (Madoran/Dawnbringer servers, Alliance) Casual, family friendly, guild LFM

  • Crimson Dawn is a family friendly, casual guild with a strict NO Drama policy. No Drama, No Bull.
  • We are not a hardcore raiding guild. We do on occasion get groups of interested players together to run raids, dungeons, events, etc. for fun. Emphasis on fun! This is a game after all. Games are meant to have fun!
  • We aim to provide a helpful and fun place where people can get away from the typical toxic environment that World of Warcraft has become (and been for a long time).
  • With a friendly, safe environment, you can always feel free to ask for help and expect a friendly helpful answer. You should never have to fear being belittled or dealing with sarcastic responses. Helping other guild members is highly encouraged.
  • This guild was created in 2009 and is one of the longest surviving guilds on Madoran server.
  • To apply visit:
    or message in-game Grumplin#1389 or Gallaria (Madoran server) for more info