Any RP out here? 👀

Hi there! I’m a transplant from WRA and I was wondering if there were any RP guilds/friendlies that might want to start up some RP? I brought a group of 8 with me to the server and we all RP together, but it’s been a bit of a lonely experience so far concerning people I haven’t been RPing with for 10+ years :joy:.

Anyway, please reach out or give me some tips on where I could find some new story friends!

I hope to see you all on Azeroth! :sparkles:

EDIT: We also have an Alliance division!


Not as much as one might wish.

What made you folks transfer from WRA? I thought that was the best server for Horde RP?

Our Dawn Scryers forum doesn’t seem to move very quickly, so I’m not sure if you’d consider this necro’ed – but if you don’t have any contacts yet, let’s get connected!

What is the best way to reach your character on the Alliance side?

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Maybe but I’ve got to get my knitting on to make a fun or funny mask. I do see cthulu ones online and other silliness. Maybe I’ll make a buffalo thing from Flintstones or something. Paleo-futurism gaming! My grandparents even tried this game or my great grandparents but it wasn’t public then.

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I am also thinking about joining this server and hoping to rally more people to this server.

I hope you succeed, Bosunn!

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