Any other oce players lagging?

I am fine. 12 ms when connecting to frostmourne and 130ms when on tich however all my oce btags are complaining. Anyone know what the issue is?


Dungeons were laggy last night for some reason (had a few well over 300ms) but seems to have settled down now.

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game runs optimal until i ding 68 then the fps dops to like 8. dont actually lag just drop fps alot

Yup lagging any time i zone into a dungeon from group finder or random BG. Happening on both classic and retail

World server lagging really badly. Can’t arena. Anywhere from 300ms-4000ms


I am getting some nasty lag and have been for days. I put up winmtrs on the Technical Support forum but have had no response as yet. I had to leave a TW dungeon when I was healing as I was hitting keys and nothing was happening for multiple seconds of lag.

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horrible lag when doing anything that is not local server eg Wintergraps, Battle grounds , dungeon finder and Looking for raid. on wrath its only in bg and wintergraps which is cross realm in same realm dungeons i get 12 ms and have 100+ fps

i have no addons and have refreshed my ui happens on wrath classic and retail. normally have 12 ms anywhere i go but in groups that are cross realmed my ping in world goes from 300-12k ms

internet speed is 40 up 20 down, pc ryzen 7 7700x ddr5 32gb 5600mhz nvme ssd with a 6700xt this is not a hardware issue on my end.
my isp is optus wbu?

Also Optus.

im experiencing the same problems, only in instanced content. everything will be running fine, then ill start getting smaller lag spikes lasting about 3 seconds and my world ping will climb culminating in a massive 7-10 second lag spike and then my world ping will shoot up to 4000. ISP is TPG and ive got 100 down 20 up

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getting quite noticeable lag in the arenas, not very enthused after first month back.

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Getting some kind of lag/delay when sending mail, putting items in guild bank etc


I am having the same problem.

This reminds me a bit of what happened for a lot of BfA on the Oceanic server, where we would get specific actions having bad lag/latency.

In my case at the moment it includes:

  • putting things in the bank
  • moving things around in the bank
  • removing things from the bank
  • sending mail

The latter is annoying particularly; I will put in the receiver’s name and the item, click Send…nothing happens. Sometimes I can click out and it has worked, sometimes not.


Yes seems like i am randomly lagging too. I was gonna have a talk with my IPS provider but it seems that its a common issue now

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Oceanic, same lag problems, randomly kicked out, normally 140ms from Philippines now 160 to 2000ms up down up down. Changed ISP (both 900 Mbps) all the same. Noticed lag problems for few days now, no comment from blizz

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Same issue since yesterday. Its worse today than it was yesterday. Waiting and hoping for response from Blizzard.

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Might be mistaken but my impression was that certain item related stuff consults with the primary region servers in the US.

So rather than just you ↔ oce server, it’s you ↔ oce server ↔ us server if things like item looting or trading is involved.

I’ve been seeing the same pure item related delays/issues lately. They’re very hit & miss, so I was attributing it to an issue on bliz’s oce<->us link.

This shouldn’t cause world lag or disconnects tho, which seems to be what some players are having in the last couple of days… from what i’ve seen particularly non-australia based guildmates who’re on australian servers.

I had issues for a few days. I ran a repair on my game files and it fixed all the issues.

getting game disrupting lag, 3 second delays roughly per 5 mins, fix within 2 weeks or I am requesting a refund, this is your first evidence of notice Blizzard.

Kind of a weird one here but I work overnight in NA and play on OCE servers to play with others while awake. Im having the same issues everyone else is having so it seems to be inherently tied to the OCE servers and not an ISP issue or anything of the like.