Any Other Gay WoW Players or Guilds Out There?

I agree. I think it’s Bizarre. I’ve never worn or will I even any kind of article of clothing that endorses a politician. However, this isn’t anything new. This has been going on for awhile. Member “Hope and Change” everywhere. I member. And do you member Chewbacca?

Oh god, the amount of people coming into this thread claiming they are being oppressed because gay people want to be in a community away from homophobes is hilarious.


It doesn’t surprise me that Proudmoore would have a large portion of the LGB players, while the name clearly references Jaina Proudmoore and her family the ‘Proud’ portion is also a variation of ‘Pride’, so it makes sense that many gay players would select that one due to Gay Pride. Congrats on finding what you were looking for OP, I hope you have a great experience there!

Fun fact about me: while I personally am straight my father is gay, and I am very proud of him for having the courage to be open about it.

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What’s more hilarious is the sheer willful ignorance at double standards because you can’t have them when you’re a certain ideaology.

“Rules for thee, but not for me”

I’m looking for a gaming buddy! A fellow gay would be fun!

You’re about 2 years too late to this post, but you’re welcome to head over to the megathread if you wanna hang out there!


Sounds like you need a guild for that, you can find them in guild recruitment channel or subforum.

Wait, are there queer folks on proudmoore??

Gaymer here, for real. Way back in TBC i came out to some people on WoW (guild, select friends) and it went about as well as you’d expect. I was also new to English which made it more difficult and hilarious.

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You must be new to the game. That’s the Frisco of WoW.

I had played on the same server since vanilla, then took a 10 year break.

So kind of?

thiccgrandpa main option in game is to search communities and let them know you are gay and want to play with other gay people - many have their own discord

goodluck thiccgrandpa

There used to be a guild on MG called GAYMER MOMS with FRIENDS. I don’t know if they are still a thing.

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RP servers and Proudmoore have sort of a reputation for being more accepting than other servers (especially RP servers). They are just generally more tolerant because a lot of roleplayers tend to be LGBTQ+. That being said, it can be difficult to find as large a variety of guilds on RP servers than a server like Proudmoore, so it’s up to you.

Here is a Discord that can help with your needs.

Good luck!

No. You’re the only gay person who plays wow. We definitely don’t have a whole server that is unofficially the gay server. No sir we do not have that.

Bait!!! /ignored

Oooh a necro, how juicy!

/wheels in his popcorn cart, “Open for business!”

Yes there are, idk if this is a sarcastic question, but i find it weird how people are still asking if there’s LGBTQ in Proudmoore.

Oh its not sarcastic - i was gone from retail for a LONG time. When i stopped playing it was a whole different time for queer people both in the world and in game.

Growing up i met VERY few other queer players.

I think gay people are awesome. I love my gay friends. Are their any straight guilds too?