Any old Vanilla/TBC Eredar players still around? Slayers of Doom?

Hi everyone, looking for any old guildies or players from eredar. I had started playing late 2005 and joined SoD mid 2006 (lock - Gidgeit/Mage-Mojotruffles) up till TBC release when I went over to Area 52, and have the best memories from Eredar. Used to PVP and raid with Gamespoiler, Aniah, Valient, Sundalo, Sunken, Peachykiller, Esoteric, Minardi… to name a few. Would be great to play again if you guys still around. Hope everyone is/has been doing well all these years. Cheers! BT - SneezyDwarf#114575


/wave Valient here :slight_smile: thinking about coming back myself



I used to pvp with Team Valiant & raid with Slayers of Doom.

I got Sundalo & blacklotus on my friendlist, Aladen as well on fb.
Peachy xfer to horde [Capital Vices] I believe a few years ago. But i think the guild left Eredar recently.

I think Sunken is Sunken#11765.


Bro I remember you like it was yesterday Team Valaden for life :slight_smile: add me I’d love to get sundalo and black lotus tag from you and just chat u use discord? I been thinking about coming back
Add MuRDeRa83#1543

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Woot Woot Slayers of Doom! My main was Dribbles - dwarf warrior, and I had a 39/49 twink rogue named Squiggle as well. I was with Slayers of Doom for a long time, did MC/AQ20/BWL with them, and a lot of PvPing as well (Primal, Sundalo, Valient, Minardi, Tenccsyringe, Erikaa, Blacklotus, Dragan, Trollslayer, Peachymage…)

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Wisdomtree in Riot on Eredar.

Minardi here - definitely coming back for classic hope to see you all there =)


Hello my grand marshal friend how have you been??? Valient here!! Remember when we hit rank 14 together :slight_smile: My current clan is on thrall too! I am back after a 10-12yr hiatus

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Shoot me your game tag or discord

Hey guys! Long time no see. I was Trojangold (lock) or Trojanelf (druid).

Me and Peachy are still around (married with kids now), I’ve been playing the first tier or two of each expansion it seems.

Not sure that we have plans to play Classic, but it’s sure neat to see some of the old crew here, haha. Lots of fun memories doing the PvP grinds, and raids.


whats up BRO long time no see! add me putting the gang back together got a ton of us on discord MuRDeRa83#1543

hi trojan 8]

say hi to peachy for me :wink:

Been ALONG time Kogu!!! Can you have Lotus and Sundy add me as well? I used to play with them and a guy named Mandaboo . My char name back then was “suiciide” nelf rogue.

Think my battle net name is polynikes#1181 now if you want to add me!

LOL Wisdomtree… Beever from Riot here on Eredar, moved to Reckon and Eternity and quit mid Cata. But I’m back! On horde with Kimy and Divisionbell and Demonreaper and possibly Pryme, all on Illidan it looks like.

I’m not horde yet.