Any old time players that are NOT highly skilled

OK. Here goes. This is taking a lot of courage so please do not be offensive in comments. Thank you in advance. I have an a WoW account for at least 8 years. I can play solo without dungeons/raids etc., and have always felt that I am only playing 1/5th of this game. On the whole this is OK if not lacking. I have met some really wonderful players and really awful players. The awful players are the ones who wish to kick me for not moving fast enough or making a mistake when grouping up. I have seen on YouTube a guy who said ‘no one wants to be the dumb player but just play the game to your strengths and ignore those folk who are all about the hit ratios and other tech stuff’. This is pretty much a good thing to keep in mind when I am playing so as not to take offense. Shadowlands has been a whole different kettle of fish though. Blizzard are determined to make me play with others now in the PVP part and I have no inclination to play this way. 20 years ago it was fun and I enjoyed the power of beating others. Today I don’t feel the same way. Maybe I do. But Multiple Sclerosis has slowed down my motor skills and have no way of getting as fast as other seasoned players… unless there was an ‘auto button’!! (joke). I would love to group up with players who love this game as much as I do and can’t seem to stay away but would also like the companionship of playing with others to achieve quest goals and the such. So I am an old time player looking for friends but I see as I just wrote that, there is another thread so I will contact them and maybe you might like to contact me and we could all enjoy this game in a like minded way. I have both a UK and USA accounts.


I’m on horde but feel free to hit me up in game.

wtf… did this just stop in the middle and “squirrel” to another thread??

Had the same experience today actually. There was a tank and a DPS from another server in my pug group, the tank and dps didn’t even wait for the healer to catch up and kept wiping us because of it then got mad because we had the audacity to vote kick them. Dumbest players I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing with. You’re definitely not alone!