Any old schoolers still around?

Patriotic/Patriotik here

I know this topic has come up several times on this forum over the years, but here it is. Hard to believe we were arguing and having fun on these forums (or, what used to be of them) over 15 years ago. Mind boggling. I hope everyone has found themselves with a life they enjoy, and hopefully even more no one regrets all the time we “wasted” on this game. I sure don’t.

This is my new acct and main, I’m just now realizing how different Vanilla and Classic are. I’m preparing (at least in my mind) for TBC and arena. Grippy, you in?

Who else is around? I formed some really great friendships with some of you, no need to name names, and just hope you’re all doing well IRL. Anyway, HMU!

Shh…I’m not here…I’m on Pagle.

I have a Druid on Pagle I am leveling next, he’s only 62 atm. Name is Classicist

Sheeeeeeeesh that’s a name I remember.