Any Old School Silver Hand Players On TBC Classic?!

As the title states, any of you old school Silver Hand folks playing on TBC classic at all?

I’ve been playing a human rogue on Grobbulus (name is Zandrikk) for about three weeks now, and I still have zero desire to go back to retail WoW. There’s just something magical, satisfying, fulfilling about how WoW used to be versus how it is today, and I don’t even think it’s nostalgia doing the talking at this point.

I’ve missed the profession grind starting from 1 to 375, where the stuff I farm in vanilla isn’t just for an increase to a skill number, but still valuable to sell on the AH. I’ve missed weapon training along with their skill-ups (would rather grind these out over pet battles and achievement farming ANY day). I’ve missed the cookie-cutter talent trees.

Anyways, if anyone remembers me (Tempered from Clan Demonsbane/Pact of War) and is bored, roll Ally on Grobbulus and shoot me a whisper! :slight_smile: