Any old school players around....paging aceloww?

Looking mostly for TBC through Cata players. I used to raid as Solkanar ( mage ) starting with Not Quite Immortal ( Traithan and Blessing blackmailing the guild from Dracul during brutalllus prog ), transitioning to The Valiant ( so sad to hear of Austin’s passing ) and then spending five amazing years with The War Council before Silver Hand pretty much died in Legion. I still sometimes play with Minatron. Such a different time in Wow. Im raiding now with a different group of older players whose guild transitioned to area 52 as well, still rocking CE kills.

This forum used to be so alive, Aceloww trolling everyone, spending week hunting for him in Tol Barad to only fight with him after the big poach of alliance players by The War council, the old drama that used to bleed into this game. In an old youtube account I have videos of us hunting aceloww. I used to have Dracul’s email, what I would give to talk to him again. I still have the battlenet of some of the guys that stuck around for a bit such as Zonty , burchzilla, murathe, therm etc. Still ocassionally play with minatron.

If anyone still does play that I played with, feel free to shoot me an btag invite, Solkanar#1957. If anyone remembers and has Dracul’s contact information, hit me up.

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I remember raiding with Burchzilla and Murathe. I always wonder what happened to the guys.

Grats on KHAN !!!

good to see you are still a beast !