Any old school Demon Soul people still around?

Hello Demon Soulers. Anyone from the good old days still around? Reminence? Sardonic? Resurrection? BAD? BUR? YMBCM? Unusual? ZGR? lolGrimriderslol?

Just came back out of curiosity and haven’t seen anyone from the olden times. Not even Justinblade.

I was in Resurrection than Epic High. Played a Undead Warlock named, “Morbidsol.”

I was in Epic High and BAD. Transfered to Tich. Ran into Justinblade in trade chat. Pinkflower was my main.

I am still around. Grim Riders. I know a few of the old boys from GR/DS still play, but I lost contact with everyone many years ago.

logged back in for the first time since Cata 2 days ago.

Mulligan (Raid- TBC. Wrath. and starting Cata)
Order of the Void
Sinners of Sin

Game sure has changed alot since then.
Ive several dps, healers and tanks in the mid 30’s due to the level shift. -also trying to figure out gear priorities atm
Looking for friends … else the game would be lonely.