Any OG Shadowsong players since BC/WOTLK?

Hi guys, returning old shadowsong veteran here. Do we have anyone here that has been on shadowsong forever?


Since May 2005 for me… Well… up until the end of last year when I quit at least until either A.) the game gets fun again or B.) they remove Azerite armor.

<— Vanilla, along with a lot of

I took a dang near 10 year break but I am here from Vanilla, lol

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Checking in from shadowsong. Havent played since Wrath but will be back for Classic

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This character. Started in BC ended in Wrath. Never went past 80. Left her has a museum piece.

I’ve been here since Vanilla. My first character was a hunter (gentlewave), but I havent played her in years. Most people know this priest… started playing my shammy since warlords

I wonder if they will make Shadowsong one of the new Classic Servers since you all were there at the beginning


Old as dirt, reporting in

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Yeah, started with this very mage back on day 1 of when it all began. Didn’t do Beta so I’m not that OG, but I have been playing a looooooong time… I’ve taken a couple of breaks but always seem to keep coming back to this game and this mage, lol.

Gotta love Shadowsong!

hey guys i played on shadowsong for a few years before BC. My name was Astoria, an undead rogue. i was in the guild mystic circle that later turned into RareSpawn. We were held at a pretty high spot back then. I just started playing again with a friend and was hoping to reconnect with any of the great players i once no lifed with. <33.

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i definitely remember your name aharassi were you in rarespawn?

I played a Tauren shaman named Carbuncle and an UD warlock named Nista back then. I don’t think I remember your priest’s name though. Been playing since around November 2005ish.

My main was Fleischer, a gnome warrior in ROC. I was a DPS warrior before it was cool. ROC is still around, there’s about 6 or 7 of us OG’s playing. We raided on our own, but played with Brotherhood of Malice and Get Along Gang as well before we could field our own team.

Oh Hai Carbuncle.

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Vanilla, but I have alts on other servers I’ve played.

I am still here from Burning Crusade …same toon and same guild …What a ride it has been !!!

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Hello. Here since vanilla; dwarf priest named Brawnanvil.

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Hey Brawn! Xameron (previously of Drengskapr)

I remember you, its Datamus. Im still playing how are you doing