Any numbers yet?

they should be similar, due to similar tech. The only issue is sharding and layering.

They stopped releasing sub numbers first patch into WoD, half a decade ago lol…

2015 isn’t half a decade

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WoD came out in 2014, try harder troll.

How would you know anyway if it was BfA someone was subbing for, and not classic itself, when they are both tied together?

I’m not sure what releasing sub numbers would do at this point either way.

They released sub numbers in 2015. Inform yourself and stop being ignorant.

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They know how many daily active users are playing which version of the game; which is what the OP is actually asking for.

3 months from the 5 year mark. Half a decade.

So much cringe.

They changed the algorithm for this last week and its in a blue post. It’s now based on the actual number of players connected to the servers.

They released the numbers at the end of September of 2015, It hasn’t even officially hit 4 years yet.

Let me say it again. Inform yourself and stop being ignorant.

Wrong. It’s the context of how i prefaced my statement. I said since WoD, which launched in 2014. They stopped reporting during WoDs expansion. Stop quoting me now troll, it’s been almost half a decade since numbers release.

Why? so you can shet on people that like retail and deprive them from their enjoyment of it?

Less than 4 years isn’t half a decade.

This is true but only to an extent. Some of the individual stock holders who do their own brokering care about this kind of stuff but they are fantastically outnumbered by people with brokers and advisors who do their investing for them. Most of ATVI’s common stock is held by those sorts of investors + employees.

I have a few college friends who own ATVI stock and don’t play any PC games, let alone know what Warcraft or Diablo are.

The only blue post I can find on it is Medium pop still has login queue - #8 by Kithicor-illidan

I can’t find anything after. Can you link to the post they made about the change?

I have nothing against retail players, this is directed against Activision Blizzard, who arrogantly told us we don’t want classic, and have made sub par quality games since they merged, and they need a 15 year old game that Blizzard made to rejuvenate them.

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Awesome, thanks. Don’t know how I missed it.

Investors CARE about the real reported numbers, not made up crap.
Your investor acumen will reduce your portfolio to zero.
Keep it up moron