Any LFG feature that tells people I am new to healing?

Is there a game feature that allows me to place comments on my healer characters so that people know I am new? I can’t find it.

I don’t think I’ll cause wipes, but I have no clue. I’m tired of soloing after going back through all the storylines with different classes.

Or is it expected that a level 60-something healer is going to mess up in a pick-up group?

I played wow in the earliest days (not healer) and the hardcore early days of FF XI when you had to have a good group to leave the starter zone. So I know how to heal, but the game is so different. The hate mechanics are just odd to me, and the in-game mechanics to like step on things in a dungeon so they don’t kill everyone or running around in circles looking at the floor are very different than what I remember. IT’s just going to take a while to learn that business, and I don’t want to mess people over while doing so. Thanks for any advice. I’m an older person (obviously), and I probably shouldn’t worry about it. But, I know people value their time.

Only the pre-made group finder will allow for custom comments, not the regular dungeon finder that assembles the group for you. In my experience most people are pretty chill in leveling dungeons, but there will always be the jerks.

The best thing I can think of to do is create a macro you can use in chat when you first get into a group to let them know.

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I’m recently back after a five year hiatus, and I’d never done much dungeon healing (but I had healed battle grounds quite a bit), and I found it surprisingly easy in regular dungeons. Basically at regular they just are not that hard, so unless the group is really under-geared it is pretty easy to keep them topped up. I messed up mechanics of fights a couple of times but was able to heal my way out of it, and otherwise I just followed the group around, topped them up when health was dipping, and tossed some extra damage in when they were looking healthy.

But if you are really worried, do choose a particular dungeon and read up the strategies for it, so that you are hopefully ready for them.

Heroic dungeons are apt to be much less forgiving, but you can hold off on those until you are more confident.

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^ I agree with @Udiza
I would do that instead of random Dungeon Finder. If you feel in the need to work on your own pace. And being able to worry free from being kicked unexpectedly from other players impatient ways.

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