Any Late Night Raiding Guilds?

Looking to get into a guild that does late-night raiding starting around 2 AM or so. Hoping to get more into EP and some Mythic+. Looking to Raid as Affliction and I play Demo for Mythic+. Just came back from a long break so am only at around 417 iLvL but have a little EP norm experience.

phury raids tues/weds 10-1 - and 11-1 on Mondays we are 5/8h and 8/8n all late nighters hit me up if ur interested tang#1917

Hey Lazyscranton,

Should I assume you mean 2am server time? We don’t raid that late, but…we do raid at 11pm Fri/Sat. So if you are West Coast that’s perfect!

I’ll leave my guild spam here: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

Let me know if you might be interested. Best of luck in your search!