Any Horde-themed RPPVP guilds?

Are there any Horde-themed/centric RPPVP/PVE guilds currently recruiting?


So I want to say we(Battleforged) are recruiting but we’re on a pause for another few weeks or so.

Just doing some restructuring (new officers) and then we’ll be back in action.

Hello! I’m the GM of a guild that is only recently returning to WRA. We have been gone since mid SL. We’re a horde centric RP-PVP group, inspired by the Horde Expedition during the Wrath of the Lich King era. We’re freshly back though, so our numbers are few. We have a solid leadership with experience in the field, as well as several long-term members who have followed us back into this. Open world RP, d20 campaigns, battlegrounds, world PVP, if that type of thing sounds up your alley, get at me through discord at ‘zorgosh_bwl’. I can’t stress enough that we are not a finished product as a guild, though we have existed for many years. If this interests you though, get at me.

How is world PVP going now a days and what is the outlook for TWW?