Any horde guilds raid 7ST or later?

I’m in CST and have a 3yr old who loves to go to bed around this time. Most guilds I’ve found raid at 5-6ST. If anyone knows of a guild that is active around 7-8ST that would be wonderful!

We are going to be raiding 9pm to 12am PST on Fridays right now if you’re interested :slight_smile:

(Alliance) is a new guild on Thunderfury looking to step into all level 60 raid content. We are looking for solid, positive players to help us experience the content in MC, BWL, AQ, and Nax. Additionally, we’d love to have fun in pvp and other in-game events!

We have been a mainline WoW guild for 6 years and now that Mythic Nzoth is done, we plan on putting in time in our offtime to enjoy Classic! We are not looking planning on going hardcore in WoW Classic but are looking for people who’re interested in seeing all end-game content.

We plan to complete all WoW Classic content.

Our guild’s Discord is very active and we have a great community that’s built up over the years.

We are currently open to all roles and classes at or near level 60. Specifically, we are in need of healers.

Scheduled raid time:

Fridays at 9pm to 12am PST

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we raid fri and sat 7pm to 11pm server time. We current need hunter mage and rogue for our core grp. We are currently clearing MC and BWL in under 1.5hr each. Both cleared fri with and open night sat for guild activities till AQ comes out.

I have a 3yr old too. This schedule works pretty well for me. If you are interested hmu in game or on here. - Nhazmodan

do you guys have a spot for a mage?